The Other Robin

October 1, 2014 Zach pays a visit to Gotham and Damian shows why people hate his guts.

Gotham City

One of Gotham's terrible locations

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It's dark in Gotham…though that isn't necessarily uncommon at this city. The streets are not particularly filled with people. Up on the rooftops though, it's another matter….

Walking on one of the many rooftops in Gotham is Zachary Zatara dressed in costume even with the top hat! Ever time he nears the edge of a building he simply hovers to the next rooftop. Not the fastest way of travel, but he's in no rush. To say he's bored is probably an understatment on this dull patrol. And so he does the only thing that keeps him busy and that is ~magic~.

Ever so often he flicks his wrist into the air causing little magical sparkles to shoot out of his wand. If one looks back they'd see a long trail of golden light following behind him.

"Can you do more?" The heavy accent comes from the corner and upon second look a crouched figure with white lenses for eyes is staring Zachary down. "I don't think they saw you in Metropolis." He emerges slightly, wearing a green hood up over his head and his shaggy hair. The hood splits in the middle, showing a red uniform underneath. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Zachary practically jumps, startled and the sparkles fade away. Spinning around to look a the crouched figure, Zachary answers with, "Yes! And I'll have to turn you into a dove if you ever scare me like that again." Brushing a strand of hair from his face, he crosses his arms over his chest. "My name is Zachary Zatara, the greastest magician in the world. I'm here on a bored partol. What of you?"

"I've heard it was the lady one," Ibn al Xu'ffasch says with a wicked grin. "And you'll not turn me into anything, boy, lest you enjoy the tast of my blade."

"Boy?" Zachary repeats looking over the other young man. "I doubt that you're much older than me." He says matter-of-factly before shaking his head. "Yes, yes. Zatanna Zatara, my dearest of cousins. Keep in mind I only have one." As Ibn al Xu'ffasch threatens him, Zachary only smirks. "Do you speak that way to everyone who you meet? Because if you do, I doubt you'll get along with the other Titans." He says that last part quietly before speaking up again. "You did not answer my question. Who are you?"

"The Titans?" The mention of the name has piqued his interest, to be sure. Robin comes out into the light more fully now. Should Zach know the other Robin, there are similarities but stark differences. "The Titans you say?" Perhaps Vorpal has already decided to go back on his word, a feeling that Ibn al Xu'ffasch, son of Vengeance and the newest Robin, had since he beginning. Yes! Alas! They have come to recruit him as he has forseen. "I go by many names," he says noncommitally.

"That is what I said, isn't it?" Zachary says looking off to the distance before turning back to look at Damian. "I suppose I left that part out of my title. I'm Zachary of the Titans." When Robin comes out from the shadows, Zachary tilts his head. "You…look strangely fam-Oh? You are the other Robin I've been hearing so much about. I hear you are the Boy Wonder's evil twin."

"You don't even know me," Robin responds as he walks off towards Zachary's side, beginning to pace. So, they were talking to him. Takling about him 'so much' as the magician would say. "Evil is relative to morals. I find the handwringing over them irritating and a waste of time,"

Zachary opens his mouth to say something, but then reconsiders. "I agree. Evil is only to the eye of the beholder." Zachary watches Robin pace with curiousity. "Yes, I likely know absolutely nothing about you, but I'm almost positive at least Vorpal mentioned you before. He does not seem very fond of you."

"And yet he talks about me often, according to you. He does not need to be fond of me to work with me. I'm not sure what I've said or done that has made him to think I would bother caring about his personal feelings on a topic." Ibn al Xu'ffasch gives a sarcastic shrug. "He cares much for things with no importance."

"Well to say he talks about you often is going overboard. It was an exaggeration, you see. He has mentioned a bad Robin once before." Zachary shrugs. "Teamwork requires some sort of appreciation, don't you think? Even if it shouldn't, the Titans are far from a professional organization."

Robin snorts, "Cross apply my earlier argument about handwringing over irritating and trivial details based on sentiment." The Boy Wonder tilts his head at Zachary. "Do you know what is more important than intangibles?"

"Tangibles," he adds before Zach can speak.

Zachary takes off his top hat and throws it into the air causing it to disappear and runs a hand through his raven hair. "So, you attempt to prove yourself to the Titans for whatever reason through combat, strategy, and other tangible things. What I don't understand is what you think you can offer to the team." He isn't being rude, he's just curious. "We already have a Robin. One who is much more softhearted and sociable compared to you."

"That's if you consider being softhearted and sociable necessary or even good for the sort of business we do," Robin says with a shake of the head. "Frankly, you need people like me to avoid going soft. You used the term yourself. As far as what I can offer the team?" He chuckles and shakes his head. "I'll not gloat in front of you. If you know the other one, he knows exactly how capable I am. How I surpass him in every single way."

"Softheartedness and being social are the two exceptions, of course." This actually gets him to smirk.

Zachary does offer a small smile. "Yes, that one is clear to tell." He tilts his head at the other. "Is that so? I assume you were trained by the epicness that is Batman as well. Though if you were to join the Titans, it won't matter how much you loathe him as you two will be on the same team. And there's nothing more irritating than intangibles based on views."

"I'm already on the same team as him. He threatens me in now way. I doubt he feels the same, but that's no concern of mine. As far as my training—I've had more training than ju…more diversified training." It's clear that on his back, Ibn al Xu'ffasch wears a katana over his back.

Zachary raises a brow gesturing to the blade. "A more lethal method as well." Zachary shakes his head and says, "Etativel!" He hovers over the edge of the building before turning back to Robin to toss a business card at him. "Do not take that the wrong way. I believe it's time for me to make my leave. Perhaps we shall meet again with any luck."

Damian slyly catches the card between his fingers, looking as though he exterted very little effort. "Very well. I'm sure you'll be in touch, Zachary Zatara."

Zachary Zatara offers a slight smile. "Farewell Boy Wonder…" And then he's off, flying into the distance.

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