The Staff on CoMUX are dedicated to making the game a place where it's fun to hang out because really great stories are being told. 'Course, you have to be a little bit crazy to try to staff a game like this. It's not always easy. But, it is always interesting.

Active Staffers

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Ixion formerly Fallacy

Face-Eating Unicorn.
Wikidot ID: FaIIacyFaIIacy

Phi aka Mateus

Wikidot ID: BladesurferBladesurfer

Pi aka Typhoon

My promise. Not as irrational as my name may suggest.
Wikidot ID: Udder ChaosUdder Chaos

Tangent aka Cockatrice

The accurately named Tangent is often off on some soapbox somewhere, speaking loudly and passionately about something few care about but is clearly very important to him. He does plots and some admin stuff.
Wikidot ID: TangentAladdinTangentAladdin


The new guy.
Wikidot ID: _?_ does not match any existing user name


Some people call me the space cowboy.
Wikidot ID: _Vertex__Vertex_

Retired Staffers

Experiment 626

Other Wizards You Might See Around

These aren't so much individual staffers as they are shared-bits that the actual staff uses for administrative purposes. If you see 'em on, ignore 'em. Direct all your inquiries to one of the Active Staffers listed above.


If you see 'Spectrum' online, you're seeing a different incarnation of X-626. Generally, God is brought on only for special occasions to do with the server.


Builder's the bit that's responsible for the creation of the code and the grid. If the Builder's on, it's only there to add something to the grid.

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