Moving Forward!

Date: 22 Oct 2014 18:53
Posted By: FaIIacyFaIIacy
Latest Update: 22 Oct 2014 18:53

As we are sure you have seen and noticed changes are slowly occurring, some small, some larger - but we assure you, all for the better.

Hopefully everyone has updated their client to Port:6006! Along with this, small changes will be occurring as preliminary runs prior to full use, or as test runs possibly ideas to throw away. We are trying to make the game universally friendly, not only to us as staff, but to you as the players.

Do not panic, do not flee and run, and we tend to shy away from the torch and pitchfork approach. Bear with us as we hammer out a few more things and try to get the char-gen process open again as we go live!

Thank you.

The Staff

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