Portrayed by Matt Barr
Full Name Warren Worthington III
Age 28
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions X-Men
Occupation Billionaire Playboy / Adventurer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Warren Worthington III is known as a billionaire playboy, owner and president of Worthington Industries for quite a few years now. It is also publically known that he is a mutant, possessed of large white wings and that he adventures as Angel, a member of various heroic groups since he was a teen.


Warren has a reputation as a flirt, it's true. He has also recently recovered from a dark chapter in which he was much more brutal and brooding than his friends may have expected of him, though he's largely back to his normal self. His friends may known him as loyal and true, and professionally he is regarded as a businessman with honesty, integrity and a shrewd financial mind.


*Born to Warren Worthington Jr and Kathryn Worthington, enjoying a life of privilege, plenty and promise.

*Developed primary physical mutation while attending private school as a young teen - a pair of wings sprouting from his back!

*After initial shock, discovered the advantages to the wings (flight!) and enjoyed first outing as a hero while performing an impromptu rescue of fellow students from a building fire.

*Began initial career as a superhero, disguised as the Avenging Angel.

*Approached by Professor Xavier to join a select group of mutants at Xavier's School, learning more about his abilities while also adventuring alongside the heroic mutants known as the X-Men. Shortened his heroic moniker to just Angel.

*Embarked on various adventures both trivial and epic with the X-Men, developing close and lasting friendships with the other founding team members.

*As large numbers of new recruits joined the team, Warren left the X-Men to join and even create other supergroups, some of which fared better than others. During this time he publically revealed his status as a mutant after taking over Worthington Industries upon the untimely death of his parents.

*Warren continued as an on-again, off-again hero, also while managing the wide-ranging affairs of Worthington Industries. During one of his superheroic outings, however, he was horribly maimed and his wings were damaged beyond the point of what anyone believed he could recover from. Against his will, the wings were amputated and in his grief, Warren was thought to have committed suicide.

*Rather than having died, however, Warren had been manipulated by a despotic madman and was subsequently transformed into a living embodiment of murderous intent, given both blue skin and artificial wings of lethal power as the dark Angel of Death.

*Through the help of his former teammates, overcame the brainwashing and subjugation he had endured. He adventured for a time as Archangel with a darker, grittier and more brutal perspective.

*Regained control of Worthington Industries, which had begun to falter while Warren was presumed dead. Began to rebuild the financial empire, finding some measure of therapy to the efforts.

*As time healed the mental wounds and scarring that he had been subjected to, so too did Warren's mutant healing factor finally begin to heal and purge the artificial transformations that had been forced upon him. His natural, feathered wings grew back to replace the artificial metal ones and he once again regained his natural skin coloration. Began publicly adventuring as Angel once more.

*With the dark chapter now fully behind him and Worthington Industries back on an upward swing, Warren has been feeling the pull to immerse himself more deeply in heroic activities again, fully joining or even funding his own team if needed.

Character Details

Warren Worthington grew up never wanting for anything, born with a proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. Despite this, however, he has always been possessed of a kind and understanding heart, knowing that a person's character and friendship is worth more than any sum of money. He has also always sought to help others, evidenced by the early use of his mutant powers not for personal enjoyment but to risk his own life to save the lives of his classmates.

Warren is a loyal friend, a steadfast colleague and a businessman of high morals and integrity. Against the often cutthroat world of high finance, Warren has navigated those dangerous waters to keep Worthington Industries sailing smoothly without resorting to underhanded or immoral practices. Similarly, he was one of the first super-heroes - and first mutants - to reveal his identity with honesty and openness to the public at large.

No one is without faults, however, and Warren does have a few - most notably, his weakness for women and his somewhat incorrigible nature as a flirt and a philanderer. Though he has entertained some committed relationships in the past, Warren has always had a wandering eye and those that know him well may often doubt if he will ever find someone that will keep his attentions true.


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