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Full Name Arthur Curry
Age 35
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Factions <E.g. Justice League of America>
Occupation King of Atlantis
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Arthur is The Guy That Talks To Fish. That's pretty much it. No one really respects him, no one much likes him, he is the laughing stock of the JLA and of Big Time heroes in general.


Arthur is King of the Seven Seas, ruler of Atlantis, and … he talks to fish. Seriously, no one really takes him seriously. Honestly, that's just fine with him, it means when he drops someone they don't expect it to happen.


Arthur's mother saved his father from drowning when the biggest Nor-Easter in decades blew through the waters outside of Maine. The two fell in love and for a time lived together while manning a lighthouse. One day his mother left mysteriously and returned a year later bleeding from sever wounds. She died from them within the hour and Arthur's father raised him alone.

Knowing of his wife's Atlantean lineage, his father was still only semi prepared for the sudden fondness for the ocean that Arthur had even as an infant. Afraid the genetic differences between humans and Atlanteans may cause issues, Arthur's dad took him to a doctor who could help, Dr. Shen.

Shen was an expert in all things amphibious and as close as the surface world came to an expert on Atlantis. He spent 16 years of Arthur's life helping him and his father learn to cope with Arthur's 'differences', though he was denied any rights to publish his findings, causing a growing sense of anger in the doctor. Shen eventually had enough and he outed Arthur's secret to the world, using the data he had collected to prove the boy was from Atlantis and tried to make himself famous. The Press descended on Arthur the same day that his father died from a long bout with cancer. The combined stress was to much and Arthur ran through the crowd and leapt from a cliff and into the ocean below.

His search to find his lost home was over a year long, but eventually successful. His younger half brother Orm was King, a crown he quickly tried to pass to Arthur as by rights it was Arthur's to begin with, but Arthur denied the honor, saying he didn't yet know his people. It took 3 years of unending education and training for Arthur to grow into the role. He trained with the military, the historians, the magicians, all facets of Atlantean life that he could. He was a quick study and a natural leader. When he turned 20 he took the crown and Orm willingly stepped down, becoming Arthur's first adviser and councilor.

Arthur split his time between his Kingdom and the surface world where he grew up. He's been a member of various hero teams for over a decade, building himself a reputation among the heroic community as a man to stand with… And also as a King, a man one should try very hard not to stand against.

Five years ago he met Mera, an Atlantean sent from an interdimentional penal colony to assassinate him. Convincing her he was not the man she had been told, they fell in love. They've been married for nearly five years, his ever present companion and Queen.

Character Details

Arthur is stubborn to the point of hardheaded, confident to the point of arrogance, and the responsibility of a nation larger then China rests heavily on his shoulders. Arthur is King, above all other things, he is King. He puts Atlantis' concerns before any others, and in his realm his word is law. Outside of his realm it's only slightly less then law as far as he's concerned. With the exception of his wife, Arthur maintains a Kingly persona nearly constantly… no matter how much doubt might gnaw at him.


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