Portrayed by Evan Peters
Full Name Jean Paul Valley
Age 19
Height 6'1"
Build Deceptive
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Dropout/Avenging Angel
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Everyone forgot Jean-Paul Valley. They'll hear about Azrael soon enough.


Jean-Paul Valley was once a bright, up and coming computer programmer and whiz kid, starting Gotham State at age 16, poised to take over the world. A year ago, he disappeared. Now, a new warrior stalks the alleys and rooftops of Gotham. A warrior of flame and vengeance.


Jean-Paul Valley doesn't really remember his childhood. He has some memories of the Alps, the cold. His father's face. A desk near a window, overlooking a yard where he did his studies. The laughter of other children playing, although he can never remember their faces. Which makes sense, since most of those memories are lies. When he was twelve, Jean-Paul's father moved his son to Gotham City, placing him in an obscure Catholic school while he often travelled for 'business'. Paul proved to be a prodigy, making minor headlines by graduating at sixteen and going to college at Gotham State on full scholarship. He hadn't seen or heard from his father in a year. Then, in the middle of the night, Paul's father stumbled into his dorm room in a strange costume, bleeding to death, and with a single name on his lips: "Azrael". The word alone began to place cracks in Jean-Paul's soul, cracks that grew wider when a little person appeared the next day, claiming to be a friend of Jean-Paul's father, and helped him escort the body back to Switzerland. There, high in the alps, he was introduced to the Order of St. Dumas, a secret conspiracy of apostate priests, a lost Inquisition that carried on a secret holy war. Their greatest weapon, developed over centuries, with alchemy and indoctrination and training and brainwashing and dark science, was the Avenging Angel, Azrael, their assassin that they sent out into the world to cleanse the wicked. The mantle of Azrael had been passed down, father to son, for hundreds of years. And now that mantle had fallen to Jean-Paul. When he put on the costume, the angel within him awakened, the dark and wrathful thing created by the Order's cruel experiments. They immediately hated one another.

He spent a year there in the Alps, growing accustomed to what dwelt within. Because his father had never properly completed the indoctrination, the System, as it came to be known, was incompletely designed. While Jean-Paul, as Azrael, possessed the same martial discipline and furor as his predecessors, he had none of their stability, his mind cracking under the weight of the torture and experimentation he'd endured, along with the violent, savage presence in his head. When his father's friend revealed another truth - that Jean's father had been trying to escape the order, that he rejected the mantle of Azrael, that he had been gathering evidence of the Order's corruption and wickedness to bring them low - Jean-Paul knew he had to escape. For once, Azrael agreed. Before leaving, though, Azrael convinced Jean-Paul to don the mask of the Avenging Angel and, with Azrael in control, laid waste to the Abbey and the corrupt monks that dwelled there, brutally slaughtering them to the man and pitching their bleeding, burning bodies to tumble down the snowy mountainside. Only his father's friend was spared. Now he's returned to Gotham, determined to try and do something good, something valuable, with the merciless angel's soul that dwells inside his skin. Even as he does so, his sanity cracks, more and more every day, consumed by visions, memories, voices. Jean-Paul knows he is going quite mad. Azrael believes that these are merely the ghosts of the damned, trying to distract from his mission. Punish the wicked. Send them to hell. Let them burn.

Character Details

Jean-Paul Valley has a gentle disposition. Intellectual, quiet, and shy, his sheltered upbringing shows through his difficulties talking to and relating to other people. When he's most together, he can seem quite sweet, even, those rare smiles rays of sunshine through the clouds. But the clouds lay heavy upon him, and Jean-Paul's personality is marked by sharp mood swings, hallucinations, voices only he can hear, vocal outbursts and bouts of mania or paranoia. Devoutly religious, he spontaneously breaks into prayer at a moment's notice. His only peace seems to come at a computer screen, with a pair of headphones on, retreating from the real world into the language of code and math.

Then there is Azrael. Azrael, the Avenging Angel, the Burning Sword of the One True God. The Dragon of St. Dumas. Azrael is a merciless killer, a religious zealot and madman with a psychotic penchant for violence and a sadistic ability to inflict pain. He is relentless, cruel. He fears only God, whom he knows has chosen him. He is extremely distrustful and sees most other people as sinners bound for Hell. Jean-Paul, however, continues to try and temper the angel, to hold back his murderous hand and judgment. Perhaps, in time, he can become something more than a weapon forged in pain and horror. For now, though, Azrael keeps his blades sharp, to better cleave the flesh of the damned.


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