The Bamfs
Portrayed by some manner of gremlin.
Full Name The Bamfs?
Age Young
Height 1.5'
Build Cherubic
Eyes Solid Yellow
Hair Dark Blue
Factions N/A
Occupation Tricksters
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

The Bamfs aren't particularly famous. They came to Earth 626 from ..somewhere else. They're related to Nightcrawler by blood. They cause a lot of mischief. They love whiskey.


The Bamfs generally don't go running amok out in public, though they're not particularly subtle. Running into either one of them or a herd of them tends to be a memorable experience. They're tricksters, accurately portraying what happens when you give a mob of gremlins the ability to teleport at will.



Character Details

The Bamfs are simple creatures, but there's an underlying level of intelligence which almost seems excessive for how they appear and how they like to act. Put to a task, they can accomplish some pretty incredible engineering feats. Usually though, they like to chase pretty girls around and get plastered on whiskey. Good natured in spirit, one Bamf may offer coffee while another bamfs the tire off of the same person's car. Just because.


Image Name Relation Notes
Kurt%20and%20bamfs.jpg Nightcrawler Big Brother (Bamf Prime)
TJProfile.jpg Nocturne Other Family Tee-Jaaay!
Magik001.jpg Illyana Cute girl! Ill-eeee!



Character Gallery


Bamfed Briefing
March 02, 2015: The JL:A prepares for their Russian Mission and is joined by an unexpected guest.
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Finding ODIN
February 22, 2015: Half a year later and with Nightcrawler's help, Domino finally uncovers some disturbing secrets which link some of her past actions. (Language)
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Dissecting Domino
February 18, 2015: Cyclops is investigating the mercenary he'd run into in District X, which attracts some helpful attention.
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Killer Data
February 09, 2015: Domino tries to get a Bamf's help as a teleporter and winds up getting a bit more than she had bargained for. (Language)
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Harry's Hangover
January 28, 2015: It's a drinking contest between Lady Luck and a Bamf. (Language)
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Back to the Ravine
January 12, 2015: It's round two in the Gotham Bowery, digging through the past in search of ..something. (Language)
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January 10, 2015: Somewhere, in a Gotham safehouse… (Language.)
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Family Fissure
January 04, 2015: Treasure-hunting in Gotham gets a lot more awkward. (Language)
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