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Full Name Sean Cassidy
Age 37
Height 5'11"
Build Short and Athletic
Eyes Greenish Blue
Hair Reddish Brown
Factions X-Men
Occupation Cop/Teacher
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Sean is a police officer first and a teacher second. He works in the unusual crimes division and spends his spare time teaching kids about music up at some private school. Oh, he also owns a bar in Queens. Come drink a pint at The Keep!


Sean is a very good police officer. He came highly-regarded from INTERPOL, even though he was forced out of the undercover division. The man works hard and will go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Beyond his police work, Sean is a no-nonsense teacher who expects a lot from his students, even if his class is only an elective course.


Sean has been many things in his life- cop, coerced criminal, an X-Man, a teacher, a supposed member of the IRA and widower.

For the early years of their lives, Sean and Tom Cassidy were like brothers, and they found at an early age that not only were they both mutants, but they were immune to each others' powers.

The two remained close as they grew up, even when Sean went into law enforcement, eventually secretly becoming an undercover Interpol agent. Only one thing came between them; a stunning blonde with a penchant for motorcycles by the name of Maeve Rourke.

Sean met Maeve when she rescued him from two corrupt police officers who were intent on framing the young man as an IRA scout (he was simply hitchhiking home from a concert). Despite having just met the girl, Sean used his powers openly in front of her. To his surprise, she wasn't the least bit frightened by them.

He brought her home to Cassidy Keep, where Tom met her and was as smitten with her as Sean was. Sean was convinced that she would opt for Thomas over him- Tom was the charming heir to the Keep, while Sean saw himself as the bumpkin of the family.

The two competed for Maeve's affection for some time, until she finally chose Sean over his cousin. Tom relented, only wanting to see the woman he loved happy, and even served as the best man at their wedding. The cousins remained civil, though they were far from being as close as they had been before.

Shortly after their wedding, Sean had to go deep undercover for Interpol, unable to have any contact outside of the mission. Unbeknownst to him, Maeve was pregnant with their daughter, Theresa. She gave birth to the little girl while Sean was still incommunicado, and the news that he was a father was unable to reach him.

Sean was, in fact, so deep undercover that not even the news of Maeve's death could reach him until he came home. She had been visiting family in Belfast when an IRA bombing had taken place, killing her. It was assumed by most that little Theresa had perished as well, the only person who knew she had survived was Tom, who had rescued the infant in the aftermath of the explosion.

Tom wanted to surprise Sean with the news of Theresa's birth after he told him of Maeve's death to lighten the blow. Unfortunately, Sean was so stricken with grief, guilt and anger over his wife's death that he turned against Tom, collapsing the ground under his cousin's feet using his powers. Tom's leg was broken so badly in the fall that he would have to walk with a cane for the rest of his life.

Tom became bitter over his cousin's actions, and decided not to tell Sean of Theresa's existence at all. He told Theresa that she was an orphan, and raised the young girl on his own.

Sean threw himself into his work with Interpol, opting not to return to Cassidy Keep due to the memories it held. He worked for Interpol (and for a good while, the NYPD as a liaison) for 10 years until he was forced to quit after a botched mission in which the mercenary known as -CLASSIFIED- killed the mobster they were trying to find information on (though in doing this, he saved Sean's life, as the criminal was about to fire.).

With all of this turmoil in his life, Sean fell into a deep depression. What was his point for living? No job to bury himself in. No family to distract him and love him for who he really was and not pretending to be…Nothing… After a night of drinking at a local pub(Irish of course), Sean began his lonely trek home only to be approached by a man. This man came from the shadows and spoke with a clarity that Sean had never heard before.

He said his name was Charles Xavier and he said had a plan…

Present day: Sean has taken a position as a plain clothes officer with the NYPD, in addition to his duties at the precinct, Sean is a part time teacher up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a place he spends a good deal of his spare time. Beyond the teaching gig and his work with the NYPD, Sean has opened a small Irish pub in Queens called 'The Keep,' which is mainly a police dive. The small pub tends to employ local kids who cook, clean dishes in the back and mop floors, while Sean and a select few Irish types man the bar.

Character Details

Sean's a decent guy. He's pretty laid-back, and he's moral without being overbearing. He's a gentleman. He does what he thinks to be 'the right thing.' That said, Sean draws a distinction between morality and legality. He'll occasionally break a 'petty law' in the interest of having fun, provided he's absolutely certain that no one will get hurt in the process. Overall, though, Sean does have respect for The Rules. He is a law enforcement officer, for goodness sake. He tends to focus on the spirit of the law rather than the letter, but Sean is still definitely a Lover of Rules. He thinks they help keep order. Yes, he's one of /those/.


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