Portrayed by JeeJa Yanin
Full Name Cassandra Cain
Age 19
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Bat-Fam
Occupation N/A
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

One Who Is All


Gotham knows Cassandra as the current Batgirl, one of the vigilantes that work to keep the city safe at night. The League of Assassins know her as the One Who Is All, Cain's experiment of having the entire league train one child to eventually be the bodyguard to the League's esteemed leader.


For most, 'the beginning' starts with one's mother and father. Their childhood and what their life was like. Happy, sad, broken or whole. Family is the cornerstone to one's upbringing. But Batgirl doesn't have that. She was acquired by master assassin David Cain shortly after infancy. He hasn't even revealed if she was bought or sold to him. She was the latest in a succession of children from which he was attempting to mold the perfect successor from and it didn't take long for him to realize that Cassandra, as he later named her, was something special. She had a gift, a potential that only needed honing. Shaping. And he endeavored to be that shaper. He taught her in every known deadly weapon, common or exotic, simple and high-tech. And he taught her how to fight in close-quarters combat with nothing but your own body to rely on. He raised her devoid of speech, so that combat would be her only language, to give her the edge that would make her surpass him. To make her worthy to be the heir to the legacy of Cain. Just as David Cain is the 'God-chosen Killer', so did he name her Cassandra, for her almost precognitive knowledge of what her opponent would do and beat them to the strike.

He succeeded. Cassandra was the perfect killing machine, a living weapon with no morals or preconceptions of how life 'should' be imposed upon her from the outside world. everything she knew was the bunker that Cain raised her in, and what he told her to do. In its way, it was a simple life. Cain devoted all of his energy and time to her, and despite the oddity of their relationship to an outsider who might balk at his teaching methods, such as shooting her to provide motivation, she was happy. She knew nothing else. And then he had her perform her first hit.

Nine years old, dressed in a cute pink dress, she made her way to her target. He and his guards simply smiled and laughed, never suspecting that the cute child before them was a trained killer. With her little had she tore out his throat and only then, in his dying moments, did she realize what she had done. She had hurt men before, left them broken and battered and bleeding, but never had she killed before. Looked into the awful face of death and known herself to be the cause of that terror, seen the light go out behind his eyes. She ran then, away from the father that she loved, the life she knew. She drifted from city to city, never staying in one place too long, getting by from day to day by begging, stealing, or scavenging for her needs. And eventually, her wandering brought her to Gotham.

She was discovered by the Bat Family when Cassandra stopped an assassination attempt by none other than Cain himself. Recognizing her, Cain returned hoping that Cassandra would return to him but when faced with the choice, she chose Batman. Crushed, Cain left Gotham. It was after that, with Oracle's blessing and support, that Batman offered her the mantle of Batgirl.

Cassandra took to the roll with ease, and moving into the Watchtower with Oracle who served as both guardian and mentor, she began to train with the Batman to take her place among Gotham's warriors. Despite Barbara's urging however, she did not show any interest in learning how to read or write or otherwise communicate with the rest of the world via English. Of her own choice she chose not to make her self-isolation any easier upon herself until a man named John Robinson died in her arms, asking her to deliver his last words to his wife. Only then did she show any interest in actually learning to deal with the rest of the world on its terms.

Character Details

Even though she's sixteen, Cassandra never worries about walking down a dark alley by herself. She can waltz in through most security, and sneak by trained cops. There is almost nothing that can stop her if she sets her mind on doing something. And she knows it. She doesn't weigh the risks involved before throwing herself over the precipice and into the abyss, she trusts in her skills to save her from splattering when she hits the bottom. If she sees someone that needs her help, she gives it. She doesn't worry about consequences, or getting hurt. Consequences are things that happen to other people, and pain only hurts as much as you let it. She fears no one save herself, and death holds no sting. Because of this, she gives into her impulses, makes hasty decisions, and often prefers the direct approach.

'Why do you *think*… she puts on your costume and risks her life for strangers? *Altruism*? *Guilt*, my friend. Only *guilt* can drive you like that.'
-Cain, Batgirl #5

Driven by guilt, by something she can never 'make right', Cassandra goes out every night as Batgirl trying to attone for past sins. It isn't something that she can just put aside, just let go. She will spend her entire life trying to make up for one mistake, even if it kills her. Until she feels that she's made amends, she can never rest. Can never stop.

'She _worships_ you, Batman. She doesn't think you're human.'
-Oracle, Batgirl #24

Batgirl is still a girl, though well able to care for herself and survive on her own, she grew up with a strong father figure who devoted his life to her. She was to be his heir and his successor and he was all and everyone she knew. She worshipped him. Without him, she drifted, lost. She'd rejected his purpose and with it her own. Until she found a new purpose. A new Dark Father. Now, she follows the path of the Bat, and Oracle herself has said that of everyone she knows, it is Batman that Cassandra most reminds her
of. She finds his cause to be noble, and has devoted herself to it utterly. Like the man before him, she has devoted her life to his cause. His path for her. Having never known religion and Faith, her Faith is in him. The Bat has taken the place of Cain as her God.

Having killed once, Cassandra knows full well the awful face of death. This event affected her so deeply that she ran away from Cain, the only parental figure she knew, and into the wide, confusing world. Armed with this vision she cannot bring herself to be the cause of death ever again and if it is within her power, she will prevent anyone else from going gently unto that good night. Putting herself in the way of harm is not an issue. It goes beyond guilt. It's instinct.

LONER - Cassandra isn't a 'people person'. She tends to do things on her own, neither looking or asking for companionship. Even when others are around, she doesn't do the whole 'casual conversation' bit. She's more comfortable around practice dummies than people, more at ease fighting than talking. Only after months of living with Barbara does she feel comfortable enough to just talk to the redhead instead of going the silent route.

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX - Cassandra has yet to meet someone that is better than she is, and this makes her damned cocky. By reading their body language, she knows what they're going to do before even they do. This allows her to go into a fight outnumbered twenty to one and still not only come out alive, but have them out cold before they can even manage to get a shot off. Wouldn't that make anyone cocky?


Image Name Relation Information
oracle_dc.jpg Barbara Gordon Friend, Roomate, Mother Insert a description of the relationship here.
BatmanCM1.jpg Bruce Wayne Mentor


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