Portrayed by Christian Bale
Full Name Bruce Wayne
Age 35
Height 6'2"
Build Lean, Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark Brown
Factions Bat-Family, formerly Justice League of America
Occupation Billionaire Philanthropist | Vigilante
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Every Saturday, the Gotham Gazette includes a small life-styles piece called "Gotham Is."
In the column, random Gothamites are asked to complete the sentence "Gotham is… " using three words or less.
The Gazette has been running the "Gotham Is" column for years, ever since I was a boy.
Here are some of the words used ot describe Gotham the past few weeks:
Gotham is "Villainous."
Gotham is "A losing game."
Gotham is "Hopeless."
"There's no place like home."
Batman #1 2011

Inheriting a fortune after the tragic death of his parents Bruce Wayne dedicated himself to fighting crime and curing Gotham of the cancer that plagues it. In order to strike fear in to the hearts of criminals he donned the visage of the Bat, declaring himself Batman, the enemy of injustice and the Dark Knight of Gotham.


Batman is terror itself in Gotham. It is his turf, his hunting ground and his home. It is here he has the greatest amount of fear factor and "power" thanks to his resources, familiarity and connections. Outside of Gotham he is seen as a mythical boogieman or psychopath known to terrorize civilians, police officers and criminals alike. Law Enforcement in Gotham has a shaky truce with the Bat preferring to avoid him in most cases or going the opposite direction of counting him amongst the criminals. There are a few, however, who do offer the man aid.

There are plenty of outstanding warrants for "The Batman" that still circulate the GCPD, (Gordon can only cover up so much). They range from assault with deadly weapons, breaking and entering, obstruction of justice, fleeing the scene of the crime, reckless endangerment, carrying concealed weapons without presenting a permit, resisting arrest so on and so forth. Batman is considered armed and extremely dangerous.


While a youth Bruce Wayne bore witness to the brutal murder of his father Dr.Thomas Wayne and mother, Martha, at the hands of a street hoodlum named Joe Chill. What walked out of "Crime Alley" that day was no longer a child but a creature hell-bent on vengeance.

After the tragedy of his parents death the young man was placed under the ward of his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Having vowed to avenge the murder and with his declaration of war on all the criminals of Gotham. Bruce knew he had to hone himself in to a weapon, a relentless man hunter who could walk alongside his own darkness.

Barely a teenager, Bruce embarks on his path, a voyage that takes him to every corner of the globe as he studies a versatile range of skill-sets from fighting styles, criminology, stealth, psychology, profiling, tracking, and so forth from the likes of hunters, magicians, gymnasts, medicine men, detectives, mercenaries, crooks, monks and fighters from all walks of life. In time Bruce would forge himself in to a living weapon prepared for almost any given situation or scenario he may find himself in.

After his years of travel Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham acting briefly as a plain-clothes vigilante, only to learn the hard way he still had much to learn. To be the avenging hero Gotham needed Bruce required an edge and not long after this revelation he discovered it. The now young adult Bruce Wayne embraced his own fears and found something that would incite terror in the common hoodlum and thug, something that would prey upon their cowardice and give him that required edge he desired. He donned cape and cowl and became the Batman. A vampirish, ominous looking creature of the night both vicious and terrifyingly overwhelming. A creature out of nightmares that would save Gotham and become something much more than just a man.

This was just the beginning…

-Timeline (Game specific)-
Bruce Wayne becomes Batman at age 23.
Batman age 24: Dick Grayson becomes Robin (14).
Batman age 26: Jim Gordon promoted to GCPD Commissioner. Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl.
Batman age 28: Dick Grayson goes to college (18).
Batman age 29: Batman /severs/ his relationship with Robin I. Jason Todd discovered in Crime Alley soon becoming the 2nd Robin. The Joker shoots Barbara Gordon ending her career as Batgirl.
Batman age 31: Jason Todd dies. Tim Drake becomes the new and current Robin (14 almost 15).
Batman age 32: Cassandra Cain becomes Batgirl.
Batman age 33: Commissioner Gordon retires.
Batman age 34: Dick 24. Tim 18. Batman disappears for a year. The SRD are mobilized in Gotham.
Batman age 35: Current, Dark Knight returns.

(Estimated ages Tim 18, Jason 20-21, Dick Grayson 24-25)*

Character Details

Bruce Wayne is an aloof, egotistical, yet charming playboy known to cycle through pretty girls as fast as James Bond. He has been described as narcissistic, callous, selfish and rude yet also surprisingly generous, well spoken and a practicing philanthropist who likes to throw his money around to solve problems or make himself look better. A smile and wad of cash; the Bruce Wayne fix.

Batman is a fearless, unyielding warrior who will stare in to the abyss without flinching. He is cold, calculating, generally not one for words unless required, detached and violent. Everything villains should fear. Despite this display of stone cold vigilance he is a hero who will run through a burning building, barefoot upon glass, through gunfire, while covered in gasoline to save an innocent. Batman has honed himself in to a creature who hardly resembles a human while wearing the cowl.



Image Name Relation Notes
Alfred1.jpg Alfred Pennyworth Bat-Family / Butler Codename: The Eagle or Penny-One
Batgirl01.jpg Batgirl Bat-Family Daughter of David Cain, one of my own mentors. Now lives with Oracle as her right hand. Perhaps the most dangerous of the Bat-Family.
Catwoman1.jpg Catwoman Companion / FrEnemy Though reserved about it I consider her a member of the clan. However, my trust in her is very limited even despite our "relationship".
nightwing1.jpg Nightwing Bat-Family My oldest partner next to Alfred, Nightwing has proven invaluable time-and-time again despite our differences. A core member of the Bat-Family without him as part of it, it would not exist.
babs-001.jpg Oracle Bat-Family Barbara "Babs" Gordon, daughter of James Gordon the former commissioner of the GCPD. An asset and a staple member of the Bat-Family. One of the best hackers in the world.
Red%20Hood%201.png Jason Todd Former Protege Red Hood

Wonder Woman
The Joker
Talia al Ghul


Bruce Wayne's birthday is on Feb.19th.

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The Tides of Blood: Innocent Terminator
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February 14th, 2015: The unthinkable happens and Calendar Man escapes Arkham in a bloody crime spree that ends in the death of some very prominent members of the criminal underbelly of Gotham. A number of individuals show up but it may have been too little too late (Emits by Batman and the Joker). Warning: Excessive Violence and Language
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Batman Spoils Everything
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Analysis: CC-CV1
February 8th, 2015: A message to the Batclan in regards to the newly discovered bio-weaponry employed by Hugo Strange.
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Flipping the Bird
February 04, 2015: The Birdwatcher and Oracle have a face to face rendezvous. There is violence as seems to be par for the course with those of the Bat-clan. The Fox offers a helping paw. (Emits by Batman)
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The Tides of Blood: Detective, Friend, Hostage
February 2nd, 2015: Following the events of Tides of Blood: The Tides of Blood: Blackmailing the Bats, the Caped Crusader and Queen of Atlantis have a chat.
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The Tides of Blood: Blackmailing the Bats
January 31, 2015: In order to get Batman's attention, Tula begins to wreck Gotham. Bats do respond.
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Doth Thy Heart Weep
January 30th, 2015: The Dark Knight confronts Catwoman (Melody too!). There are hugs, cats thrown, name calling, blood and bullets.
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Birdwatching Batman
January 30, 2015: Batman visits the Clocktower and Birdwatcher comes up.
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The Losing Party
January 25th, 2015: Bruce and Diana attend a post city council election party for the Sommerset township of Irving Grove. Lois Lane is a guest along with several other colorful individuals.
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A Fox in the Nest
January 22nd, 2015: The Fox is summoned by the Dark Knight himself for a little face to face. Batgirl and Oracle join.
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Goons and Green Fingers
January 21st, 2015: A clandestine shipping operation between Cobra scientists and the SRD is interrupted by a trio of vigilantes. (Emits by Batman)
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An Ideal Date
January 15, 2015: Batman is doing his playboy thing, on a dinner date with Wonder Woman and it turns into Wonder Womans ideal date….
(log: 20150115-anidealdate | tags: batman fox gotham oracle the_society wonder_woman | posted: 16 Jan 2015 06:24)

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