Portrayed by None Yet
Full Name Lucas "Luke" Fox
Age 23
Height 6'0
Build Toned and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Engineer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Luke Fox is most known for being the gifted son of Lucius Fox. He graduated MIT a year early with a degree in business management and engineering, and turned down a job offer from Wayne Enterprises in order to take a year for himself. He was inspired to fight crime when Batman saved him from a gang and they fought off the thugs together when he was sixteen. Now, he's stolen the Batwing suit from Wayne's R&D, and uses it to try and make Gotham a better place.


Luke Fox's reputation among academics, or those who pay attention to young people with a bright business future, is mostly that he's a gifted engineer and the son of Lucius Fox. People in high society circles might know of him as well, simply because of who his father is and probably having seen him at events he's been occasionally dragged to. He's known in amateur MMA circuits as a pretty high-tier fighter. And as Batwing he's often confused for being Batman, at least until he starts talking a lot.


Luke is the oldest of his siblings and can remember all the way back before they lived in a mansion. He was raised by his father to work hard for everything despite being given so many opportunities for education and self-improvement. Though he's always butted heads with his father over how strict the man can be, Luke wanting to be his own person while his father simply always wanted what was best for him.

When he was young he started to gain an interest in MMA, and soon joined a club where he was trained and taught some important lessons about discipline and how to treat others even beyond his father's lessons. By sixteen he was entering point-based MMA tournaments.

At this age he had many defining moments. The first was when he saved himself and his friend Russ from a few gang members on a train. But then that gang came back in full force to try and kill him alone. Batman saved him, and the two of them fought the gang off. This immediately inspired Luke to expand his martial arts and one day try to become a crime fighter just like the Dark Knight.

But shortly after that, his friend Russ' bullying at school became severe, and the teen withdrew from even Luke. It turned out that Russ was designing equipment to inject his body with Viper and become a monster, then took explosives to Gotham's levees to blow them up after killing the classmates who bullied him. Luke tried to stop him, but instead accidentally set off the detonator and blew Russ himself up. He was called a hero, but he couldn't see it that way. He accidentally killed his friend, and he believed that if he just saw him a bit more, even if he was pushed away, then maybe he could have stopped all of this.

After this, he focused very hard on his school work, and training in martial arts with various masters. He was determined to one day join Batman, but had no idea how to approach it. Then, one day, a few months before graduating college, he broke into Lucius Fox's R&D account after a heated argument about how important his father's work is. He discovered the various projects related to Batman tech.

He had no clue how to really interpret this, but one thing was for sure, this was a chance. He downloaded the Batwing suit files, studying them and preparing himself. Then upon graduation, he turned down a job offer from Wayne Enterprises and began his year off to put his plan into action. He faked credentials and essentially created legitimate key cards using what he could dig up about security through his father's account, then he escaped with the suit in a secure case.

Now he's just beginning his crime fighting career, trying to do his best to prove that he actually deserves or is right to be doing any of this.

Character Details

Luke Fox is a pretty laidback and friendly guy. He tries to stay positive and generally doesn't take a particularly dark demeanor unless he feels a situation is urgent enough to require it. He cares deeply about his friends and family, often seeing simply spending time with them to be as important as crime fighting, which can create all sorts of priority issues. But overall he's a brave person who pushes himself to his limits, seeing Batman as an inspiration that he tries to aspire to in his own way.

On the flip side, he can be quite rash when absolutely pushed to his limit to the point of becoming desperate and cornered if someone he cares for is in danger. And even with his high level of intelligence and problem solving ability, and even the fact that he cares so much about people, he can be a bit thoughtless sometimes. While he wants to be there for people to the best of his abilities, the stresses of being a hero often makes him simply outright forget about keeping up with people, or plans they may have had, which can put a strain on his relationships and sometimes hurt those closest to him.

He does, however, try his best to make up for his mistakes, not one to simply let things go if there's still a way to fix it. Such is the way of an engineer and a generally caring person.


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