Portrayed by Kendall Erzabethka Antigone
Full Name Kate Kane
Age 25
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Factions N/A
Occupation Socialite
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Red-haired Vigilante of the night.


A new crazy vigilant in the town.. again some cheap copy cat of the Bat family but at least this one has a taste in colors!


Kate, short for Kathlyn, comes from a very rich Jewish family, which immigrated long ago to Gotham city: the Kane. Daddy is a high ranked army officer and was always hoping for a male heir to follow in his steps, serving in the Army to pay back the family's debt to the USa. But he was heart-broken as they got only two girls, twins, instead of: Beth and Kathyln The girls' mother was a famous socialite who knew very well how to play the games of Gotham's high society and jet set and spoiled the two sisters, with shiny dresses, toys and each wish fulfilled. But none of the two parents were able to give the two girls what they needed most: the love by their parents. So the two girls had a world for themselves, often escaping in dream lands and hideouts, since they couldn't stand the accusing eyes of their father nor the emotionless face of their mother.

One day the Italian mob decided to take their share from the Kane family and kidnapped the two girls, which resulted in a disaster as their father decided not to pay but to ask for some friends fro his army times and go get the girls themselves: Beth was shot at the end of the night and police reports never told whether it was a bullet by one of the Italian's mobster or out of an army weapon.

Kate dramatically changed after this day she rarely spoke with family for her rare friends and just tried to be the perfect 'boy' for her father and 'girl' for her mother, resulting to enroll the first possible day at West Point Academy, trying at least to follow the family's tradition in this way. But it all got worse as for the first time in her life Kate discovered love… first it was a just some girlish crush and soon followed by the first intimate experiences… there was only one problem: The other person was a woman as well and soon the whole Academy knew about the two love birds which only let the Commanding Officer one choice: dismissal of the two girls.

As the other girl then even broke with Kate she was totally done for and fled into the night life of a rich spoiled girl: scandal following scandal: drugs, quick changing female lovers, revealing outfits… she took the whole program! But then one night on her way out of a dark alley after a brief encounter with a waitress she witnessed an innocent woman being molested again by some mobster and without thinking the red-haired woman simply went in between and nearly punished the man with her bare hands to death.

This was the turning point in Kate's life: She used her wealth to get the needed equipment to nightly move through the cities and look for the minor crimes to be stopped, which would rarely hit Batman's attention. But it was herself, her bruises and shredded clothes, who got into the focus her own father, the single person knowing about her secret identity and helping her with the right training, knowledge, network and equipment. The two spend 3 years in different countries to train Kate as a nightly vigilante, before they finally returned to Gotham. At this time nobody of the Bat family is does know about her true identity as Kathyln Kane and only might have heard rumors about a new red-haired bat out in the night.

Character Details

Kate is a really troubled person: the missing love of her parents, her dead twin sister, her own sexual orientation, her loss to make a stable relationships.. she only seems to enjoy her life when being out in the night and brawling with mobster, regards how many broken ribs or bruises she brings home, only to sleep late into the day and visit some jet set parties to shock her mother with another scandal.

But Kate is not a bad person, only missing in her life is a mentor, a guide which leads the hold back power and anger and directs them into the right way. Kate does not has any friends, being scared to have another broken heart soon and not wanting to simply risk her secret ID as Batwoman.


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Music of the Night

Song Artist Subject Meaning URL
Batman Theme Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Batman Awesome. Inspired me to pick myself up and move forward on my own two legs. Inspired me to make a difference instead of just staggering around lost and feeling sorry for myself. Don't know him very well. But maybe that will change now that we're in the same line of work.

Character Gallery


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