Portrayed by Landon Liboiron
Full Name Joel Sharp
Age 22
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Student
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Relatively unknown, but to some (particularly medical or clergy) he's a healer.


A glowing angel figure is sometimes seen at hospitals, healing wounded or sick, and disappearing…. Joel can be recognized as connected to that.


Joel was born to great parents who were very much in love, and had been trying for a while. His mother was a teacher, his father a musician. The only 'strange' issue was that Joel's father was also a warlock, and had some magical abilities. He wasn't particularly good at it, but he did have some. Enough, in fact, to irritate and make other enemies: he was much better at being arrogant than he was at casting magic, unfortunately. The small family was attacked multiple times while Joel was very little, with various levels of dark magic. His mother had a horrible rash curse for at least a year, before severity increased. His mother tried to take him away, to protect him, but Joel's father, who had his own guilt surrounding having brought this on his family, still sought to keep the family together, and there were several periods where his family was apart, then together, then apart again.
Joel was barely six, but was a light for both parents, in his ability to mediate and remind them of their love. He was a caring, selfless child, but had admirable strength to weather anything.
It was his mother's prayers that would bring Joel's abilities to reality. Her prayers were heard, by some holy patron she would never know the identity of, whose heart went out to a mother who only wished her baby would be safe from dark magic. Joel's birth had been touched by the dark magic within his father, and the angelic entity cleansed it away, and gave the child the ability to use his love and faith as a real defense.
And so it was that the little boy manifested funny little fluffy golden glowing wings, and the magic that infected his father's blood abated in the presence of the boy (or more appropriately, the boy's suppression aura). The family was able to heal, although they had a new issue due to the wings, it was more important to them to be able to live safely.
Unaware of the holy intervention, they decided Joel was a mutant, and should be home schooled. He wasn't lonely, though: his father was well connected to find suitable mutant friends Joel's age to play with. As Joel became a teen, his 'mutant' qualities caused much heartache and struggle, particularly as his tendency to accidentally burn people manifested. The ability to heal followed, but soon after, Joel left home when he turned 18. His home and parents reminded him that he could come back at any time, he was welcome regardless of any danger. Even so, he felt he had to master his abilities, and became a traveler, generally offering to help others in return for food or a place to stay. It didn't always work out, but often it did.

Character Details

Joel's personality is reserved and stable in general. He is very social, and enjoys interacting with others. If alone for too long, he tends to be depressed, and usually seeks companionship. He is a mediator when arguments arise but can tend to be walked on by stronger personalities. He adores parties, but dislikes being particularly stared at, as he does not prefer to be a leader or to have a ton of attention directly on him. He shies from romantic situations usually, because he fears his powers causing pain to someone he loves, which makes him often come off as hot-cold. Joel is a terrible liar, and tends have a positive world view of others: people are good at the core; when something bucks against this he can turn unpredictable as he tries to cope. He is afraid of strong emotions, as they have burned (literally) in the past, and is afraid of what he may do accidentally when he lacks control. He has a reckless streak that can come into play suddenly, usually associated with if he's aware he's already lost control.


Image Name Relation Information
ZatannaZatara2015_zpsd3e0277d.png Zatanna Friend A new friend made during a fight with demons. They seem to agree about several important things related to heroism.
geXi05W.jpg Rain Friend A terrible crash landing evolved towards awkward friendship.


Joel's anti-magic ability is the main thing to note for general players: if you're magic and get close, magic gets suppressed. Just a heads up there, and I won't take it personally if that's trouble for you.

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