Portrayed by Nicholas Hoult
Full Name Henry Phillip 'Hank' McCoy
Age 28
Height 6'3"
Build Broad, muscular
Eyes Gold
Hair Blue
Factions X-Men
Occupation Brilliant Scientist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Genius scientist and bestial, obvious mutant


Hank has very few academic peers, being in that tiny percentile of geniuses, but no doubt those in the scientific community have heard of him and his work. Over the last five or so years, however, he has all but disappeared from the public. He has maintained contact via email and phone calls and has continued his research and has been published more than once during that time.


Born into a blue-collar family in Illinois, Hank surprised his parents by showing a genius-level intellect at a very young age. They encouraged him and helped him as best as they could despite not quite understanding what made the boy tick. He breezed through school and was soon headed to college by the age of twelve. Harvard University courted and won him with a full Scholarship but due to his age, the entire family was required to move to Boston. Hank graduated from Harvard at the age of 15 and promptly went on to MIT to obtain his Masters and Doctorate degrees in fields of genetics, biochemistry, electronics, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, and other subjects. He always had a keen interest in learning all he could about everything.

During all this time, however, the McCoy's had a secret; Hank was a mutant. His feet were over-large and had opposable digits and he had dexterity and speed that that went beyond the human norm. It was a secret that they kept hidden for Hank's entire life; it was a secret that haunted him and greatly affected his self-esteem.

After completing his PhD, Hank was recruited by many Think Tanks and chose one that would allow him the greatest freedom in his own choice of research topics. It was during this time that he met Charles Xavier through the man’s own genetic research. Xavier was also the first, besides his immediate family, who knew that Hank was also a mutant, like himself, and they two developed a (potential…depending how me and the Xavier player get along) friendship. While Xavier continued to try and get Hank to embrace his mutant abilities and appearance, Hank still wanted nothing more than to look normal. It was what spurred a great deal of his own research into genetics and bioengineering.

Eventually, he came up with what was, in his opinion, the answer to his problems. He developed a serum that would allow him to look normal but still maintain his abilities. While all earlier tests proved that this would work, he knew that the only sure way would be to use it on himself.

For a brief minute, the serum worked.

It then kicked back tenfold, enhancing the comparatively mild physical mutation to the point where Hank became nearly unrecognizable around bestial features and build. It was only the knowledge that there were others out there like him…some with similar, ‘severe’ physical mutations that kept him from falling into a deep spiral of despair. It also redoubled his effort to find a solution to returning his appearance at least back to the way it was before he tampered with it.

Due to such a drastic change, Hank moved into Xavier’s Mansion where he knew he would be able to continue his research in relative solitude or, at least, with others who were in a similar plight as he. He still kept up his publication and research, but there was an ongoing project to find this ‘cure’.

Recently, he seems to have found it…or at least enough of a cure for him to be able to somewhat control the change in appearance.

Character Details

In each of us, two natures are at war. — Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll and Hyde

It is a quote that has followed Henry 'Hank' McCoy for his entire life. He is the epitome of duality: Human/beast, genius/athlete, gentle/bestial. He grew up with the secret that he was also a mutant — his feet were larger than average with opposable digits which, combined with an enhanced dexterity and speed, allowed him great athletic feats. That said, he tried to ignore and hide his mutation which often left him alone with his work.

In general, he is the typical sort of scholar — soft-spoken, slightly uncomfortable in social situations, a keen observer, but add his lower sense of self-esteem, he can turn into quite the introvert at time. This didn't change all too much after his transformation, but now there is no hiding. He can either hide or work on dealing with his new appearance. There were slight changes in his personality as well, which he is attempting to control. As the bestial nature was released, his mind was also affected, in a way. He didn't lose his intellect, but he is much quicker to anger and is able to act on 'animal-instict', either at will or sometimes against his own volition.

In general, though, Hank is fairly good-natured and doesn't tend to hold grudges. There's a shyness about him and an inherent friendliness — he may not be the star of the party, but he enjoys being around others. Quick-witted and eloquent, he isn't afraid to speak his mind or to show his intelligence as to him, that's just how people speak and discuss topics.


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