Big Barda
Big Barda
Portrayed by Lucy Lawless
Full Name Barda
Age 28 (Highfather Knows)
Height 7'4"
Build Big and Tall
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions New Genesis, Justice League
Occupation Aspiring Chef
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Former leader of Apokolips' Elite Female Furies, turned Renegade against Darkseid's regime in general and Granny Goodness in specific, escaped to Earth to circumvent their evil wherever it can be found.


In the Fourth World, Barda's reputation as a fierce and fiery warrior, forceful leader, and all-around dangerous foe is second only to that of Orion among New Gods. Mention her name, and a mixture of fear, respect, and jealousy is what most will respond with. Her recent betrayal of Darkseid's Cause has caused shockwaves.


Born in Darkseid's breeding pens, Barda was taken from her mother shortly after birth and slotted for training as a warrior. In Granny Goodness' 'Home For Orphaned Youth', Barda rose quickly from lowliest of slave fighters. Granny Goodness selected Barda for specialized training to become the leader of her Female Fury Battalion, one of the most feared of Darkseid's Elite Forces. During a raid of a facility, Big Barda met a man who showed her there might be another way - a way of life, instead of death. Though they got separated, his words stayed with her. She began working with unaligned New God Himon, helping others to escape the horrors of Apokolips… until finally the day came for her to leave as well.

Deciding to leave the Fourth World entirely, Barda made her way to Earth. Discovering that Darkseid's fingers reach into many pies, she now kicks over his ant-hills and harasses his agents at every possible opportunity.

Character Details

"Big" Barda doesn't just refer to her physical size - She is fierce and brilliant and confident and completely uninterested in self-doubt and other such dithering. When she decides to act, she does so without reservation and with her whole heart. Lifetimes of scrapping and horrors have given her a bit of a showman's bravado, and she is well-versed in hiding anything about herself that might be perceived as weakness. Though she spent untold years killing for Darkseid and Granny, Barda has a good and honest heart and fully intends to spend the rest of her life fighting against the evils she was raised by - and would unflinchingly give her life (in glorious, bloody battle) towards that end for whoever is lucky enough to have earned her loyalty and protection.


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