Black Cat
Black Cat
Portrayed by Kate Upton
Full Name Felicia Hardy
Age 26
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green-Blue
Hair Platinum Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Thief
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Felicia Hardy is a respected member of the New York social scene. The Black Cat is one of the most infamous burglars in the world. Only a handful of people know they are one in the same.


As the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy has a reputation as a bit of a flirt. Maybe more than a bit. She is a thrillseeker, and often seems to take on the jobs that will certainly get others caught. The crazy part? She actually pulls them off. Basically think of Danny Ocean, but in a cat suit. And a total bombshell.


Felicia Hardy grew up idolizing her father. Born into a well-to-do home in Queens, she was taught the proper way of etiquette and social life, and was held to a high standard, never quite measuring up to her mother's expectations of a proper young lady. But when her daddy would come back from one of his many many business trips, always with presents in tow, she would take in everything he said or did. So when she was 12, and her mother told Felicia that her father Walter died in a plane crash, she was devastated.

Only, her father wasn't actually dead. In reality, Walter Hardy was a famed car burglar who had finally been tracked down by the FBI. And rather than face the embarrasing truth, Felicia's mother Lydia chose to lie to her daughter. But as Felicia grew up, it became clear that something else was amiss; the way her mother would talk about her father with such disdain, it made her want to know more about the man she had loved as a child. And when she was 18, attending Empire State University, Felicia and her father, escaped from prison, reunited. Soon Felicia decided to follow in her father's footprints, demanding her teach her all he could about the art of thievery.

The next few years, Felicia learned a lot from her father. She took up the identity of the Black Cat, due to her ability to seem to jinx those who tried to catch her. The two worked together and apart, and soon the name of the Black Cat came to be known throughout New York and the world at large as one of the more creative, daring and luckiest thieves around. Even after her father was sent back to prison, Felicia continued his legacy as a world-class thief and adventurer, always looking for the next impossible heist to take on.

Character Details

Felicia would reject the notion she's a selfish person; self-centered, perhaps, but not selfish. The thievery thing comes from a more complex place than simply wanting more things than she what she has now. For one, there is the thrill of it; the challenge and being able to prove that she can do it is a large part of exactly why she enjoys it. Also, sometimes people simply seem like they have too much. Growing up in socialite circles has certainly exposed her to a lot of gross, mal-adjusted greed and while she is part of it, she also feels that she could do her part to balance the order of things. And finally it connects her with her father, one of the few people she looks up to and admires.

Felicia has a reputation for being a flirt, and not unfounded. She enjoys using feminine charms to throw others off balance, and it's just nice to feel appreciated sometimes. She isn't just going to throw herself at anyone however, and long-term romantic relationships rarely go well. In reality, she keeps people are arm's lengths with the promiscious outer exterior, allowing herself to disappear into a character when the mask goes on and not worry about if she might be hurting someone with her unfortunate powers.


Character Gallery

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