Portrayed by Emma Stone
Full Name Clarice Ferguson
Age 24
Height 5'6
Build Light and lithe
Eyes Solid Green
Hair Purple
Factions Exiles
Occupation Mutant Activist/Freedom Fighter
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Mutant Activist/Freedom Fighter


Back in her own reality, Blink was known to be impulsive, stubborn, and loyal, a fierce freedom fighter and determined member of the X-Men. Among her fellow Exiles, she was a leader. Now? She's that purple girl over in M-Town.


Blink was born in Cartusia, Bahamas… on Earth-295. Her parents moved with her to Miami when she was four, hoping America would prove a kinder place to raise an obviously mutant child. They were wrong.

Apocalypse conquered the whole of North America while she was still a child. She was taken from her parents, experimented on, and brutalized many times over before finally being rescued by that reality's version of the X-Men — a far different version than just about any other reality she would subsequently visit.

In Blink's home reality, after her rescue, she was adopted by Sabretooth, who spent several years teaching her to fight, teaching her to survive. Eventually, she became an X-Man herself, proving her worth when she used her teleportation powers to transport the team to the moon to battle one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, and continued thereafter to defend other young mutants like herself in an effort to prevent them from suffering the same indignities she had. Ultimately, her fight took her, and the X-Men, into the very heart of Apocalypse's stronghold, where they finally defeated him. The victory was short-lived, however, since the free humans in Europe had determined they would not fall to America's fate. They sent a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Apocalypse, killing the X-Men even as they triumphed over the Nietzschean dictator.

Seconds before the missiles hit, Blink found herself transported to a barren, desert plateau, along with five other young heroes, where she learned she had become displaced in time. A man called the Timebroker explained to them they could not return home until they had fixed the timestream, which required going to various different timelines and correcting 'mistakes' in each of them. The Timebroker promised them that they would each return home upon completion of their mission — all except Blink, who had no home to which she could return. Her reality had been destroyed when another time-travelling mutant prevented the death of Charles Xavier, which had caused her world to exist in the first place. Without that causative incident, there was nothing left of the home she remembered.

Blink spent several years in exile with the other five time jumpers, working tirelessly to repair realities. Unexpectedly, a day came when the Timebroker appeared and told her that her home reality had been repaired and she could return to it. In a blink, she was transported away from her new friends… but not to her home reality. Instead, she ended up in one of the realities the team had visited before. Originally, the team had been assigned, along with a second team, to kill a young child in that reality, thus preventing him from destroying his world. Sabretooth, the man who had raised her, was on that second team. He had, at the end of that mission, volunteered to stay behind and raise the child to avoid that fate, negating the need to kill the boy. He failed. Thus, he and Blink had to fight to set things right by destroying the megalomaniacal man the boy had become. When she returned to her friends after that mission, she refused to discuss what had happened there, but it was evident whatever had happened had profoundly affected her.

Her return to the team, however, only marked the beginning of more battles. By the end of the next wave of them, many of her friends were dead, or had disappeared and she found herself stranded in the barren desert where the time travelling had all begun. Deciding it was time to find out if her home was truly gone, or not, she found her way into the Panoptichron, the Timebroker's stronghold. Before she could find out the truth, however, she was teleported away from the stronghold and deposited in the middle of New York City… on Earth-626 — without a way back.

Character Details

Somewhat impulsive and disinclined to follow orders, Blink is a survivor. She grew up in one of the harshest versions of reality out there, learned how to fight as a child, and carries the scars of hundreds of battles since then. Consequently, while she has learned a certain degree of caution because of the battles she's fought, she isn't afraid to take risks and has the fortitude to do what must be done, even when it hurts like hell.

Incredibly, despite all that, she hasn't become impossibly hard-hearted, jaded, or so guarded she cannot love or trust other people. Indeed, somehow, she retains a basic, if pragmatic, belief in the power of hope — a testament, no doubt, to the X-Men of several different realities. She's clever and intelligent, able to think quickly and make adjustments on the fly. She's also determined enough that, if she sets her mind to something, she will find a way to accomplish it… or die trying.


Image Name Relation Information
TJProfile.jpg Nocturne Friend Fellow Exile and reality-lost refugee. Pretty much her best friend.
Mimic1.jpg Mimic Friend Fellow Exile and reality-lost refugee.

Character Gallery


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Troubled Teleporter
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A Walk to Remember
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