Portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
Full Name Cullen Bloodstone
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Build Solid and fit.
Eyes Green.
Hair Blonde.
Factions None
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Heir to the Bloodstone name and fortune.


A somewhat emotionally closed-off, morally gray young man with the weight of a legacy on his shoulders.


Cullen Bloodstone is the youngest and last child of Ulysses Bloodstone, a superhuman adventurer and near immortal who lived a life on either side of the conventional law. He would have said 'beyond' the laws of mere moral men. Ulysses raised his children to be hunters and warriors, according to a code of ethics of a barbarian tribe some 10,000 years in the ancient past. His mother was a distant influence on his life, as Cullen was the result of her on again, off again relationship with his father, years after they officially divorced. When he was born, the couple agreed that Ulysses would raise the boy and Elsa would stay with her mother.

Cullen's upbringing was harsh and lonely, with martial discipline and warrior philosophy being his father's idea of how to raise a child when he was there and long stretches of impersonal care by the servants when the elder Bloodstone was out attending to his millennia-old quest for revenge. The height of that neglect came when Cullen was ten. His father took him on an 'overnight' trip to a demon-infested dimension known as Klimtor. That overnight trip lasted over two years.

The elder Bloodstone received information that lead to tracking down the man who slaughtered his birth tribe, all those centuries before, another immortal like him, and in the process of securing his revenge, Ulysses died. Cullen survived, on his own, for at least six months of the 27 he spent in the hell-realm. He doesn't remember the rest. But when his elder sister Elsa finally came looking for him, discovering he was not in boarding school anywhere, she found a demonically possessed Cullen haunting the family estate. The battle between Glartox and Elsa destroyed Cullen's childhood home but she managed to defeat it long enough to slip a bloodgem ring on Cullen's finger, made from a shard of his father's own bloodgem, that allowed him to hold off the demon and granted him superhuman powers.

And then she immediately dropped him at the Braddock Academy, the UK's answer to Xavier's school. After an incident of 'acting out' in which Cullen took off the ring to protest his abandonment, Captain Britain was able to defeat the demon and Cullen joined the Academy and learned how to use his powers. Recently turned 18, he's decided to come to the U.S. and continue his education somewhere far removed from his past and try to use his powers to do some good, despite turning down Braddock's offer to become part of a British superhero initiative that seemed entirely too military and regimented for Cullen's tastes.

Character Details

Cullen is a little snarky, a little dour, a lot sarcastic and very guarded. He's afraid of going bad and afraid of showing that. He envies normal human interactions while not quite sure how to *be* just a normal person, thanks to a truly twisted childhood and spending his teenage years in what amounted to a superhero military school.


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