Portrayed by Unknown
Full Name Harper Row
Age 18
Height 5'-4"
Build Wiry
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Gotham City Engineer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame



She has a reputation of being a smart ass, tough as nails kid who sticks up for her brother.


Harper's upbringing wasn't the best. She is a native to Gotham's concrete jungle, The Narrows, and often times seen things that would leave another person hopeless. She and her brother Cullen suffered abuse and often times starvation at the hands of her father, who would also disappear for stretches at a time leaving the two children alone to fend for themselves. Whenever her father broke something, Harper would fix it, learning those skills from her buildings superintendant.

Eventually, when she was old enough, she applied for emancipation from her father and took her brother with her. Never escaping the Narrows, she found a small little corner for them to survive in, and while needing money for food to eat and to make rent, she applied for a job to work with the city's electrical engineer district. While she had no certification and degrees, they saw her skill and ingenuity as an asset and allowed her to continue to work on Gotham City's grid while attending school, in which she eventually graduated.

Character Details

Harper's a tough as nails kid, often times a smart ass with a funny quip or a random joke to cement the situation. She's prideful of her accomplishments, most of which come at a cost or were no easy feat to overcome. Her determination often times causes her to be a bit bullheaded about a situation, for whatever she wants she'll rock the boat just to get. Other than that, she's a cool person, though she's the type that wouldn't put anything past another person which makes her secretly wary and cautious.


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ComuxBats.jpg Batman Idol THE BEST!!!!111!111111.111!


Character Gallery


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