Booster Gold
Booster Gold
Portrayed by Tyson Paige
Full Name Michael Jon Carter
Age 21
Height 6'5"
Build Athletic V-Shape
Eyes Baby Blue
Hair Golden Blond
Factions Justice League: Avengers
Occupation Model and Actor
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Booster Gold is from the future! Awesome! Perhaps you've seen him on the internet. Or on a billboard. Or even on TV!


Booster has gotten a decent following via the internet due to his habit of uploading cool footage of super-combat and mid-air selfies. Some people think he's a real hero; others think he is a fraud. He doesn't heed the haters, because any attention is attention and he just landed an advertising contract with Soder Cola.

Current Day Job:
Employed as an actor under the name 'Michael Jon Carter' on the popular long-running soap opera 'Secret Hospital', where he plays the role of young intern Colwyn Grayden. Also doing commercials in his Booster Gold persona for Soder Cola.


Born in Gotham City in the 25th century, Michael Jon "Booster" Carter's childhood was not as golden as it should have been. When he was four, his father Jonar - a compulsive gambler and petty crook - lost everything and abandoned his family, leaving them in poverty to live in a Gotham slum where they struggled to survive. A gifted athlete in secondary school, Michael earned a football scholarship for Gotham University where he became the finest college quarterback in the nation.

When his mother needed a delicate operation to save her life, Michael secretly began betting on the college games he was playing in to raise the money. Feeling buoyed by his success, he tracked down his father, wanting to bring him back into the family. Jonar pressured Michael into throwing a game for a big payout, and the officials finally caught on to Michael's illicit dealings. Expelled from Gotham University, banned from college athletics and shunned by the pros, his football career was dead. His mother and sister were devastated; they were still traumatized by what Jonar had done to the family years before, and it seemed as if Michael had followed in his father's footsteps. His mother disowned him. His father took the money and vanished again.

Knowing that he could never expect forgiveness, Michael left Gotham once he was released on parole and drifted until he found employment in Metropolis as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum. Patrolling the Hall of Heroes at night made him reflect on his ruined life. Seeing the love and enthusiasm people had for the heroes of the past stirred his interest. Michael fantasized about righting wrongs, crushing crime, and regaining the respect of the public, and possibly the respect of his mother. One day he received a call from his sister; their mother had died.

Rip Hunter's Time Sphere in the museum had given him ideas; perhaps he could travel back in time, to redeem himself as a superhero in the 21st century and possibly make a little money while he was at it. He started to take things from the various display cabinets he was meant to be guarding but was briefly thwarted by Skeets, a museum docent and security droid. Deactivating the robot and taking it with him, Michael leaped into the Time Machine and began his journey through the time stream. With his stolen technology, Michael was able to outfit himself in a brightly colored power suit modeled after the heroes of the "Heroic Era". Once in the 21st century, he stepped out of the Time Sphere to marvel at this living history; a moment later there was a flash of light and he turned in time to see a figure within the Sphere waving to him before the machine and its thief winked out of existence.

'Goldstar' did not let this incident dissuade him and he did his best to find and thwart crimes. He earned some recognition when he teamed up with Gimmix the Gimmick Girl to capture a Hodag rampaging through Chicago. Unfortunately, when a reporter asked for his name he fumbled and said, "Booster—I mean, Goldstar!", referring to his football nickname. It was posted as 'Booster Gold' and once that hit the blogosphere, Booster realized he was probably stuck with it. After this, Booster became proactive and took control of his own public relations, no longer trusting others to grow his brand. He would actively seek out dangerous situations so he could save the day, while Skeets hovered nearby, taking pictures and video footage of these heroic actions and putting them online. Being photogenic as well as telegenic, not to mention well practiced in dynamic posturing even during heated battle, Booster started to gain some real popularity; it was only 'online fame', but it was still fame and he'd take it.

In the course of this slow rise, Booster hit some temporal speed-bumps. Due to a constant build-up of chronal power in his cells, significant bursts of energy could cause Booster to uncontrollably jump through time and strand him in other eras. After a few annoying incidents of this type, he ended up stealing the Time Sphere from his earlier self, and with the aid of a mysterious unrevealed mentor was able to gain control over his temporal instability. Part of the cost of this assistance, however, was becoming a guardian of the time stream—if someone started damaging it or indulging in careless time-tourism, he was obligated to find them and tell them to knock it off. Once Booster realized this would actually have little impact on his desire to seek fame and fortune through costumed crime fighting, he was down with the idea.

Although his rapid achievement of commercial modeling both with and without his cowl has earned Booster criticism as nothing more than a viral marketing gimmick rather than a real hero, he does not let it bother him. He especially does not let it bother him all the way to the bank.

Character Details

Booster has good intentions; he is sincerely benevolent, and he wants to make the world a better, safer place. The thing is, he also has a deep-seated need to gain fame and money. If someone accuses him of being a greedy, shallow glory hound, he'll cheerfully tell them they're right with a wink and a smile. He does not like to admit that his desire for attention is to placate the emptiness left in his heart after he ruined his life and family. Booster would take a bullet to save someone's life; he would even put aside the prospect of earning money if it meant doing the right thing (although he reserves the right to mope about it later). Booster may screw things up now and then, but he will never give up on being a hero.


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Character Gallery


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Justice League:Avengers GO!
March 15th, 2015: Hawkeye and Wonder Woman the leaders of the Justice League: Avengers Initiative call a public ceremony at the Hall of Justice in Metropolis to make announcements to the world and to introduce the newest roster of members in the team: Booster Gold, Hawkgirl, Hawkeye_II, Captain America, Falcon, Ozymandias & Supergirl. Many others are present and new recruits are welcomed.
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Justice Donuts
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Don't Go Ape
March 15th, 2015: A magical disturbance at Starrware Labs owned by Karen Starr aka Power Girl is investigated by Fenris, Supergirl, Booster Gold, Zatanna and Misfit! Involves talking monkeys and a Leprechaun!
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Clash of the Titans
March 15th, 2015: Immediately after the public announcement by the Justice League: Avengers, Power Girl & Supergirl confront each other. The pair get into an angry confrontation resulting in Supergirl getting her butt soundly kicked. Booster Gold stops the pair from causing any serious damage and takes a legendary Selfie!
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Temporal Mechanics with the JLA
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Legacy of Zod
March 13th, 2015: A young up and coming hero named Power Slammer stops an armored car robbery. He meets his hero Superman, only it isn't Superman; it's the so called 'Dark Superman' who reveals himself as GENERAL ZOD and kills him.

Nyx, Hawkeye (The Girl one), Booster Gold, Spearhead, Contingency C & Supergirl try to stop him.

They all fail.
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World on Fire: Water For Elephants
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Hydra Strike
March 8th, 2016: Kate is teaching Kara archery. Steve is relaxing in the area while Falcon checks out his suit. Booster and Ozymandias are flying through the area when HYDRA attacks under the orders of Zola!
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Monkey Business
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World on Fire: Rum Row
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20150220-That's Show Business!
<20 February, 2015>: HYDRA tries to crash Zatanna's show. It doesn't work as well for them as they hoped…
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What the tide brings
<February 18, 2015>: Vorpal, Changeling and Booster Gold meet up by coincidence to discuss the Atlantean Problem
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Ice cream and Castles
<January 14, 2015>: Booster comes to visit the Titans upon hearing that one of them was wounded at the attack.
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A Boost
<January 10, 2015>: Keith and Zatanna are out for coffee, they run into Booster Gold.
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Visiting the Jailbird
January 8, 2015: Manning and Pezzini visit Allen in jail. You know it's bad when Manning is the best tempered of the three.
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From Jailbird to Freebird
January 8, 2015: Barry gets a surprising gift from Michael Jon Carter
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