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Character Gallery


Dare To Try
December 31, 2014: Zee attends a News Years Party and chaos breaks loose.
(log: 20141231-daretotry | tags: audrey bunker fenris flash grendel ozymandias zatanna | posted: 01 Jan 2015 22:23)

Welcome To The Mouse House
December 24, 2014: Keith and Gar's plane is delayed due to weather. An unexpected friend helps- and briefly kidnaps Bunker.
(log: 20141224-welcome-to-the-mouse-house | tags: bunker changeling titans vorpal | posted: 25 Dec 2014 08:09)

Titans XMAS Shopping
20 December 2014: Keith takes Zee, Kate and Bunker Christmas Shopping
(log: 20141220-titansxmasshopping | tags: bunker hawkeye_ii vorpal zatanna | posted: 20 Dec 2014 07:27)

Dealing With The Lesser Evil
December 7, 2014: In the continuation of a very busy day for Keith, he and Bunker consider striking a deal with Constantine to protect the Titans from mirror magic.
(log: 20141207-dealing-with-the-lesser-evil | tags: bunker constantine titans vorpal | posted: 09 Dec 2014 15:34)

A Death In The Family
<December 7, 2014>: Kate comes to the Titans with bad news.
(log: 20141207-a-death-in-the-family | tags: bunker changeling hawkeye_ii titans vorpal | posted: 07 Dec 2014 08:02)

Phrag: First Sap - Intro
December 6, 2014>: The Titans are the first to encounter the ecological entity known as … PHRAG.
(log: 20141206-phrag:first-sap-intro | tags: bunker changeling titans | posted: 06 Dec 2014 23:14)

November 15, 2014: The Titans try an Intervention on the Boy Wonder… unsuccessfully
(log: 20141115-intervention | tags: bunker changeling oracle robin titans vorpal | posted: 16 Nov 2014 09:31)

Puss In Boots and Pants and Boots and Pants and...
<November 12, 2014>: The Titans and Kate go clubbin'. Things go as you would expect…
(log: 20141112-puss-in-boots-and-pants-and-boots-and-pants-and | tags: bunker changeling hawkeye_ii titans vorpal | posted: 14 Nov 2014 02:55)

A Study of Titans
November 9th, 2014: Lois Lane interviews Vorpal and Bunker.
(log: 20141109-a-study-of-titans | tags: bunker lois_lane nyc titans vorpal | posted: 09 Nov 2014 18:48)

Sorry Zachary, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle
November 8, 2014: The Titans learn of Rain's fate. Plans will be made.
(log: 20141108-sorry-zachary-but-your-princess-is-in-another-c | tags: bunker titans vorpal zatara | posted: 09 Nov 2014 18:24)

The Titans Say Thanks
November 2nd, 2014: The Titans offer Booster their thanks for his assistance, and Robin and Hawkeye II are introduced to the new Titan Castle.
(log: 20141102-the-titans-say-thanks | tags: booster_gold bunker hawkeye_ii ibn_al_xu_ffasch titans vorpal | posted: 09 Nov 2014 18:13)

The Cat Came Back
October 27, 2014: John Constantine knows how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again- but all the king's men aren't having any of that.
(log: 20141027-the-cat-came-back | tags: booster_gold bunker cait_sidhe changeling constantine fenris titans vorpal | posted: 28 Oct 2014 15:34)

The Castle Of The Titans
October 23, 2014: The Titans come to their new home.
(log: 20141023-the-castle-of-the-titans | tags: bunker changeling titans vorpal zatara | posted: 23 Oct 2014 15:22)

When everything that ticked has stopped-
October 14, 2014: The morning after It was not death, for I stood up, there is some discussion of what to do with Keith's condition.
(log: 20141013-when-everything-that-ticked-has-stopped | tags: bunker cait_sidhe changeling fenris hawkeye_ii titans vorpal | posted: 14 Oct 2014 07:23)

Drunk Birds
October 9, 2014: Keith and Tim discuss some issues. Due to the influence of St. Bailey's, they end up sleeping together. But not in that way.
(log: 20141009-drunk-birds | tags: bunker gotham robin titans vorpal | posted: 15 Oct 2014 18:00)

Pizza on a rooftop
September 26, 2014: Robin brings the pizza, and then it all goes a little ..awkward
(log: 20140926-pizza-on-a-rooftop | tags: bunker robin spoiler vorpal | posted: 26 Sep 2014 02:39)

The Breakfast Of Champions
September 21, 2014: The Titans gather at the local iHop to greet the newest member of the team.
(log: 20140921-breakfast-of-champions | tags: bunker changeling robin titans vorpal wonder_girl zatanna zatara | posted: 21 Sep 2014 07:54)

Retail Therapy
September 9, 2014: Miguel decides to take Keith out for a shopping trip to get things off their minds.
(log: 20140909-retail-therapy | tags: bunker titans vorpal | posted: 10 Sep 2014 22:19)

Finding Fear And Death at Montauk Point
August 9, 2014: When the deadman timer for Phobos visit with Waller lapses, the Titans are called to see what happened.
(log: 20140909-finding-fear-and-death-at-montauk-point | tags: bunker changeling hawkeye_ii phobos titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 09 Sep 2014 22:08)

Lights Out 2: Meet and Beat
September 4, 2014: The Upstarts crash the X-men: Red/Titans mixer
(log: 20140904-lights-out-2:meet-and-beat | tags: angel bunker changeling deadzone hawkeye_ii iceman kid_flash phase power_girl sunspot supergirl titans upstarts-npc vorpal x-men zatanna | posted: 05 Sep 2014 05:43)

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