Portrayed by Dolph Lundgren
Full Name Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Age 36
Height 6'9"
Build Muscular and bulky
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Factions X-Force
Occupation Soldier of Fortune, Mercenary
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Really big, scary-looking mutant that looks out for other mutants.


Known as Nathan Dayspring in the field. No nonsense mercenary and soldier for hire. What needs to be done is done. Period. If need be alone, or with a group pulled together specific to the needs of the mission. To mutants, however, he is something a little more. Cable will not kill a mutant if he can help it if he deems them to be an 'innocent' or 'used' in some fashion. He will tell them to leave before destruction begins.


Even Nathan's birth couldn't be straightforward. Born of an X-Man and a clone of Jean Grey, Nate was destined to have a truly screwed up childhood, not to mention adulthood. He was almost sacrificed by his mother to open a portal to Limbo, but thankfully that was opposed by caring others.

The geneticist that was responsible for Madelyne Pryor's creation (Nate's birth mother) had planned on using the young Cable against Apocalypse. Apocalypse learned of the plot, however, and had Nate kidnapped and subsequently infected with a strain of the Techno-Organic virus. Once Apoc was defeated once again (go team!), the only way to assure Nate's survival was to send him 2,000 years into the future where and when they could help him. (Didn't hurt that there was someone who -could- help and bring him forward.)

There, in the future, he was cloned (just in case!) but it ended up that somehow in the cloning, the TO was able to be controlled. Minions of Apocalypse stole the clone and took him away to be raised elsewhere.

For the next 12 years, then, Nate had a somewhat normal life, brought up with care and in a loving family. He was taught how to use his mutant powers to keep the virus at bay. When a teenager, he was able to defeat Apocalypse- and after that, he traveled to the last of the Askani enclave and was welcomed as 'Askani-son'. While there to try and organize them, he fell in love and married… and had a son.

His wife was killed in a battle, and he believes that his son was killed by his own hand in order to save a Clanmate. The one that caused all this strife then fled to the 20th century with Nate in hot pursuit. Arriving in a time before his birth, he needed help for the most basic of things- from learning English to lessons on how to live in the 20th century. (The latter he learned at the Institute in return for aid in designing the security systems of the mansion.)

Since being in the 20th century, Cable's been part of different mercenary operations, finally landing in his 'own', X-Force. With Ship in orbit (and in his head), the large mutant is collecting everything he needs in order to move forward for the protecting of mutant-kind.

Character Details

No nonsense on the outside, and something of a marshmallow in the inside. He's gruff but caring, and believes ultimately that his actions will benefit the 'mutant cause'.


Image Name Relation Notes
DomProfile14.jpg Domino Girlfriend and merc partner. Mostly. When circumstances allow, and when they're running in the same circles, in the same spheres, there is a definite soft spot for the albino merc, and no other.


Prefers to have boots on the ground.


Thank you,

Character Gallery


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February 27th, 2016: Members of the X-Men follow up on a lead they had found in New York City concerning the sisterhood. When they arrive at the estate, they detect a mutant presence in great pain; it was Alexander Summers and The Sisterhood was preparing to use him as a living weapon that would destroy a large portion of the Eastern Seaboard. If the X-Men didn't act quickly, Gotham, Metropolis and New York would be lost.
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Sins of the Future #1: The End of Time
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