Portrayed by Randy Wayne
Full Name Samuel Zachery Guthrie
Age 23
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions X-Men
Occupation Instructor. Mentor. X-Man.
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

As a teen, he freed a group of miners trapped in a cave-in in Kentucky. More recently, he's known to be an active member of the X-Men.


A guiding hand at Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning. He's the guy to go to when you need to vent or are in need of a living jet pack.


When you live in a family as large as Sam's you learn a few things earlier than most. One is the value of hard work; another is how delicate harmony is. After Sam's father passed away when he was 16, he expected to stay in Kentucky the rest of his life, taking care of his mother and younger siblings. However, a cave-in at the local coal mine he worked at drastically changed that idea.

Following his escape, which tore a hole through the earth and freed his fellow miners, Sam learned two new things. First, that he was a mutant. Second, that there was a place out there for others like him. Sam soon found himself enrolled at Xavier's Institute as part of a class dubbed the "New Mutants." Following graduation, he decided to stay on and train to become an X-Man. Over the next few years, he was not only accepted onto the team, but found his way into a position of note. They became more than his friends and allies. They became family.

Today, Sam is still an X-Man. He works with students to develop their abilities and is known to be an effective mentor to them. Still, not a day goes past where Sam isn't unsure if this is exactly the place he needs to be.

Character Details

A warm-hearted southerner with excellent table manners, Sam Guthrie is eager to help others live up to their potential, even if he's unsure of whether he can do so himself.


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