Captain Boomerang
Captain Boomerang
Portrayed by N/A
Full Name George Harkness
Age 45
Height 5'9"
Build Tall and Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions <E.g. Justice League of America>
Occupation Professional Criminal
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

A Professional Criminal known for the use of his varied Boomerang Weaponry from everything from Bank Heists to small time assassinations.


George Harkness is known as a professional criminal under the name 'Captain Boomerang', famous for his use expert use of a variety of boomerangs- from mundane 'Explosive Boomerangs' to giant, mechanism launched 'Rocket Boomerangs' meant to hurtle a person into space.


The son of an American Toymaker, W.W. Wiggins and an Australian woman, Betty Harkness, George Harkness was born in extreme poverty in the small bush town of Kurrumburra, Australia. There, George was mostly beat and berated by his stepfather, Ian Harkness.

Taking to the aboriginal weapon common in the part of the country he had lived in, he started creating them when he was very young, using them to cause mischief and chaos. He came very adept at the craft of making them, and throwing them at a very early age. When he became older, he would often use them as his weapons of choice when running from the law from the mischief he'd create.

When he was eighteen, he robbed a local general store with the aid of his old childhood friend, Mick Wentworth. It's this act that got him kicked out of home finally. This led to his mother providing him with a ticket, and telling him to seek out his 'real' father, Wiggins, in America.

Finding his real father, and using an alias George Green, he acquired a job with a revolutionary design for a toy boomerang that could do all sorts of interesting tricks. It was an immediate big hit and a money maker. Things could had ended there fine and dandy. But old habits die hard.

Soon enough, he started committing crimes under the alias of the 'mascot' of the toy, 'Captain Boomerang', using a variety of Boomerangs (The creation of which had been ultimately honed to perfection as his time as a toy designer) to accomplish crimes and getaway fairly easily- as police were often not prepared to deal with the unique choice of weapon in many cases, finding themselves disarmed easily, or hit behind cover by the curving projectiles.

Of course, Flash put a stop to that soon enough, which caused an intense hatred for the red and yellow streak. He became a sort of obsession for a bit- and perhaps seeks out fellow villains with a similar hate for the Red Streek to work towards a vengeful end.

Nowadays, he travels the world looking for an easy job, as a 'villain-for-hire', going wherever the wind takes him. Sometimes that's right to The Flash's speeding fist.

Character Details

George is brash and speaks his mind and doesn't sugarcoat it. He has little concern for anyone but himself, primarily. If anything though, he is tenacious and won't give up when he puts his mind to something- sometimes trying repeatedly to rob that same bank despite being foiled again and again- almost on a weekly schedule you could set your calendar by, until he's eventually put into jail. Only to escape and try and try again anyways. He's also bold, willing to put his chips in on dangerous jobs with a smile and a tip of his blue peaked cap- for the right cut of course. He's also known to hold grudges over the smallest slights- that he usually collects paybacks for at the most inopportune of times for those he does.


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