Captain Cold
Captain Cold
Portrayed by Bradley Cooper
Full Name Leonard Snart
Age 38
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Thief and Refrigerator Expert
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Captain Cold is known in New York City as one of those villains who have taken up the frequently pointless pasttime of trying to defeat the Flash.


Captain Cold is one of the best-known enemies of the Flash. He's also known to have a code of ethics — don't kill unless it's absolutely necessary, don't do illegal drugs, don't use excessive force, never hurt a woman or child — and enforces these among his occasional allies.


Leonard Snart was only a few years old when his mother decided she could take any more of her husband's abusive ways and abandoned the boy and his younger sister, Lisa, to their father's tender care. His childhood could best be described as hellish, the only reprieve for the children coming in the form of rides in their grandfather's ice cream truck. Otherwise, Leonard and his sister suffered at their father's hands. The man was a police officer, but was kicked off the force for excessive brutality. His continued physical abuse of his children left Leonard with a long-lived hatred of the police.

His grandfather died when Leonard was a teenager, and he ran away from home rather than deal with his father's fury. Unable to find a job, he joined a game of small-time criminals. The group pulled off heists at times when the cops were distracted by other crimes, monitoring police activity with police band radios built into their signature slitted shades, which protected their vision from gunfire flashes. Over time the group had moderate success and Snart rose in their ranks, eventually becoming the leader of the gang and handing down policies against killing and senseless violence — particularly violence against women and children.

Things were great until the appearance of the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster made short work of Snart's gang, putting the lot of them in prison in no time. Snart, coolly furious at the ease with which his gang was dismantled, started researching ways to combat the Flash's speed. He built upon his knowledge of refrigeration, learned in his grandfather's truck, and developed plans for a weapon that could stop the Flash in his tracks. When he was released from prison he set to work and built his signature weapons — chrome-plated pistol-like guns that fired high speed bursts of air chilled to absolute zero, freezing everything in their paths. He took the codename 'Captain Cold.'

Since then, Cold has mostly worked as a solo act, but occasionally teamed up with other enemies of the Flash. He's fought the Flash a few times, and while he frequently gets the better of the speedster in the short run with some gimmick, he always gets tossed back in Iron Heights. That's okay, though — Snart knows the easiest way out is just to agree to pull a job or two with the Suicide Squad, and then he's back to his true calling: finding a way to best the Flash.

Character Details

Leonard Snart is the product of his upbringing. He's very intelligent, one of the foremost thinkers in the field of refrigeration, but believes he can never be more than the trailer trash he was raised to believe himself to be. As a result, he has something of a massive inferiority complex.

His abusive father also, inadvertantly, instilled in Snart strong feelings about abuse and how people, particularly women and children, should be treated. His resulting code of honor, one that has served him well over the years, prohibits excessive violence and killing when it isn't a necessity, the use of illegal drugs, and any injury to women or children. For a villain, he's something of a white knight.

While he considers the Flash his enemy, there is no real hatred for the hero in Snart. He is far more interested in proving that he can beat the man than in stopping him permanently.


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