Portrayed by Katy Perry
Full Name Bethany Durant
Age 38
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions N/A
Occupation Special Effects Wizard
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Armor-crafting, SFX-producing, ghost-pacifying vigilante.


Bethany Durant: Renowned special effects artist, masterful armorsmith, and in high demand for movies and theatrical productions, and her high-quality armor. Respected in her field and known by many. Cemetery: Relatively new to the heroic scene, and not necessarily known to be a hero. Most people aren't even sure WHAT Cemetery is, let alone who or what her motives are. As many people think she's an actual vengeful ghost of some kind as some kind of dangerous vigilante.


Bethany Durant is a professional special effects artist, who has an electrical engineering degree, and was trained by her grandfather — one of the last remaining true master blacksmiths — in the art of working a forge and armorcrafting. She had pursued her love of working with her hands and the mystery of theater and "movie magic" almost her entire life, and enjoys her job, even if it keeps her very busy. Unfortunately, while researching a cemetery in Gotham City for inspiration and accuracy for theatrical scenery, she came across a sight she shouldn't have been there for. Some criminals dumping a body. Further, she was spotted, and chased. The terrifying pursuit through the dark ended with her falling and hitting her head on a gravestone. While her pursuers lost track of her in the unlit cemetery, she lay there, dazed and bleeding, and experienced the awakening of a latent psychic ability through a combination of the adrenaline and the physical trauma. In an instant, she psychically "read" the complete history of the deaths of every speck of terrain in a vast radius around her — essentially the entire cemetery. A cemetery in Gotham being what it is, there were many violent and wrongful deaths.

And those deaths, and the specters of those who died, were imprinted upon her. When she awoke with a scream, she was surrounded by the visions of the dead, and they haunted her until she began working to investigate and resolve their deaths. She employed her knowledge to construct advanced armor, various theatrical gizmos, non-lethal weaponry, and to take the name "Cemetery" for a vigilante identity, that she would use to investigate the wrongful deaths of those who haunted her, and bring peace to both them and herself.

Again, Gotham City being what it is, there's no shortage of wrongful deaths that can be added to the pile, and seemingly no end to the ghosts that seek justice, and wish to use Cemetery to obtain it.

Character Details

Bethany enjoys manual labor, working with her hands, creating and shaping things. She learned of this enjoyment thanks to her grandfather, and pursued the road of a blacksmith for years in her youth, and even when she got into college. However, blacksmithing took a partial back-seat to her other love, of film, theater, and "movie magic". The illusions, the drama, the mystery, the way that something as simple as a change of lighting could stir emotions in viewers or change how something looked, all of it fascinated and thrilled her. She followed her heart's desire and become a prominent SFX artist for theatrical and movie productions, mastering animatronics, make-up, costuming, and various others. And she loved every second of it. Her work was her play.

Then she discovered her "gift", and her life is stress, sorrow, terror, and pain — and most of it isn't even hers. Too much of her time is taken up tryng to figure out how to get RID of all this anguish than in actually enjoying what she has trained her whole life to do. It is not that she has no empathy for the dead, but she hates them, as well. Bringing justice to them is a fine and noble ideal, but the unrelenting horror of all they have been through and what that is doing to her and her life has caused resentment, and now hatred. And yet she helps them despite that hatred, half in the hope that one die she will be free of these ghosts if she brings them peace, and half because she actually wants them to find justice, and she can't just go to the police and talk about all the details of these deaths without either looking like a crazy or implicating herself as a murder suspect.

Bethany was already donating to many charities before all this, simply because she cares about other people that much and can't stand to be doing so well while others have so little. However, though she feels for those who have suffered so much, she does not wish to be enslaved to their sorrows, and is mainly helping them to cleanse them from both her mind and this world. Unbeknownst to her, these ghosts might not even be there, and may infact be hallucinations or some form of psi-trauma that is all in her head. Either way, for the time being at least, she sees no other option but to pursue justice for the dead.


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Theme Songs

Song Artist Subject Meaning URL
If We Hold On Together Diana Ross The Dead Who Find Peace I don't need to seek vengeance for all of them. Some of them just have business left unfinished. Some of them just have people they left behind, who need to know what happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQnIS_nmGgA
Blue The Seatbelts Marilyn Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUsU9C_Lizw

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