Portrayed by Ricky Martin (with help)
Full Name Garfield Logan
Age 22
Height 5'10" (var)
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Green (var)
Factions The Titans
Occupation Student and Titan
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Shapechanging Awesome Animal-Guy!! Call me Changeling! NOT BEAST BOY!


A child-star on an unfortunate, derivative SF series, which took advantage of his shape-shifting to save money on special effects, Gar has gone on to do the occasional commercial, and voice-over on cartoons, but his real reputation is as a youthful adventurer with the (name redacted) SUPER WEIRDNESS TEAM (really? That wasn't a reality TV show?) and with the earlier incarnation of the Titans has left him with an overall positive rep. Mostly.


Garfield Logan was the child of a pair of field biologists in Africa, who accidentally contracted a deadly virus from a sick monkey - the first documented case of the disease crossing to a human. His parents found help from a man who some people mistakenly called a 'witch doctor' — a black man who had gone from his village, to be educated in medicine in England, and then returned and began researching the plants and herbs of the central African jungles, for their medical benefits. He cured the disease, but the combination of herbs and medicines caused a metagene activation in Garfield. He became attuned to an energy field, alternately called the morphogenetic field, or The Red, which provides the general pattern for animal life.

Slowly at first, he began turning partially or completely into different animals, without control, but as he got older he was increasingly able to control the changes. One of his first changes accessed the animal/plant protist "Euglena" — a single-celled animal which has chlorophyll-bearing bodies as well as other animal features. This meant he could directly take energy from the sun, which allowed him to power his changes more easily. Since then he's remained green, not even thinking that he could change that color, except when he becomes a naturally color-shifting animal like an octopus or chameleon.

When Gar was ten, his parents were killed by poachers, and he was adopted by the doctor who had helped him originally; that doctor was later murdered, and he was kidnapped by the poachers and forced to help steal, but he was eventually rescued by the (name redacted) *StrangeEventsWeirdPeopleTeam*, a group of adventurers with very bizarre abilities that tended to be drawbacks as well — and he ended up being adopted by them. Shortly after meeting the SEWPTeam but before his adoption, he encountered, and later joined, a group of teenage side-kicks of heroes, called something different by the press every time they were written up, but by a small margin, most often the Teen Titans. He was called Beast Boy. This was a poor choice for a long-term supranym.

During one of their team-hiatuses, he went to Hollywood and worked as an actor in a terrible science-fiction series, Space Trek: 2022! which capitalized on his shape-shifting power. Think of the worst aspects of Wesley Crusher, Mr. Spock, and Manimal, and you have Mr. Tork, the character he played. The show had limited success but was dropped halfway through its second season.

Returning to his adoptive family, Gar completed high school and college, studying biology. On his occasional foray into heroics, he used the name Changeling instead of the old moldy "Beast Boy" nomenclature. But now he's moved to New York, where he plans to continue towards his master's degree — he's not sure whether he should specialize or not — and hey!


Well, school just became a slightly lower priority.

Character Details

Gar is the secretly serious guy who tries to hide things behind comedy, but he's really pretty terrible at it, so it sometimes just comes off as him being weird. He used to be a vegetarian, because he'd BEEN all the food animals, but then he realized that plants were alive too, so instead he just apologizes and says thanks to the food before he eats it. He's been accused of being a flirt, but he doesn't see it; he believes that you should tell people that they're super attractive before you find yourself stuck to them, flailing helplessly from animal magnetism.


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Beast Boy received a redesign in 1980, when Marv Wolfman and George Perez were tasked with reviving the Teen Titans with the title "The New Teen Titans". Along with the creation of Cyborg, Raven and Starfire, Perez also drew Gar Logan with more of a teen-heart-throb look, which (from visual comparison) was based on boy-band Menudo's singer Ricky Martin. He also standardized the full-animal, always-green appearance, though that has changed from time to time.

However, his theme song for the 80s is Tarzan Boy

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