Portrayed by
Full Name Tyrone Johnson
Age 19
Build Runner's bod.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Cloak and Dagger
Occupation Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Connected to a string of grisly murders, Cloak is known to the police only as a potential serial killer. To the downtrodden of New York City, he is a guardian angel who removes the worst of humanity from their midst.


Sticking as close to the shadows as possible, Cloak has managed to remain enigmatic.


Tyrone Johnson grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He came from a poor background and lived in an impoverished area of the city. On top of that, he had a terrible stammer which impacted his ability to communicate and drew laughter from his classmates. However, despite this, he proved to be a good student, and was a 'good kid.'

When Cloak was 17, he and his best friend Billy happened to be in the wrong place during a robbery. When Billy tried to run from the area, the cops mistook him for one of the suspects. Tyrone had a chance to shout something, possibly tell Billy to stop running, or explain to the cops the situation. Instead, he simply stared while the words refused to leave his mouth. Billy was shot to death, and Tyrone left Boston in a fit of grief and guilt.

He found himself heading to New York, which was as good a place to go as any. But as a runaway high school dropout, he didn't have any chance at finding legitimate employment. Finally, he found himself hungry enough to steal, and lurked around the bus stop for an easy mark. However, when he saw another person trying to rob a helpless-looking blonde girl, his good guy impulses kicked in and he helped her fend off the robber. He found himself filled with shame when the girl bought him some food, and he resolved to do his best to be good from then on.

But his new friend was in basically the same boat that he was in, which meant they would soon be in trouble if they didn't find food and shelter. Just when things seemed desperate, they received an offer that seemed (to Ty, anyway) to be too good to be true. A mysterious man named Simon Marshall offered them food and a place to stay. Despite his misgivings, Ty accompanied his friend, if only to keep an eye out for her.

Ty's misgivings turned out to be justified. The man was using teenagers for some sort of nefarious purpose. He gave them some sort of experimental drug, and they underwent a process that none of the other test subjects had survived.

When Ty awoke, he felt as if he were hollow on the inside. He had become an avatar of pure darkness, with an all-consuming hunger for light and life. Using their powers, the two escaped, and Ty hid his now monstrous features underneath a cloak. Over the next few weeks, he began stalking the city of New York, draining the lives of the worst scum that he could find.

Character Details

Cloak's personality is a case study in what would happen if an otherwise good kid was suddenly given the irresistible compulsion to take the lives of others in order to maintain his own existence. Due to the supernatural elements involved, such a case study would be of extremely limited use to anyone with an actual medical degree.

Essentially, Ty is a decent, shy, awkward kid who studied hard in school and wanted to make something of himself as an adult. His stammer made him bashful, but he excelled in academics and athletics. He's the kind of kid who could be so emotionally traumatized by an event like the tragic death of his friend that he would have to pack up and leave the city he was born in to escape his feelings of misplaced guilt.

But after 'the incident' that turned him into Cloak, his basic personality received a bunch of extra baggage. He has a deep-rooted need to 'snuff out' light, which extends not only to actual light but also to the life force of organic beings. He craves 'life' the way a zombie craves brains or a vampire craves blood. Additionally, he constantly hears whispers from a malignant being from the Darkforce Dimension, 'The Predator.' This being constantly attempts to coax him to commit ever greater atrocities.

Cloak is, therefore, a being of perpetual cognitive dissonance, and one who must maintain strict control over himself in order to keep the balance he's been able to find.


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