Portrayed by Christine Hendricks
Full Name Cameron Alain Tenoaks
Age 25
Height 6'6"
Build Statuesque, athletic
Eyes Green-Grey
Hair Bright Orange
Factions None
Occupation Paramedic
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Columbia severely disrupted a bank robbery upon the eruption of her powers, and saved two police officers from critical injuries in the process. Due to the circumstances of said power eruption, she's publicly known as a heroine.


Cameron is not one for seeking the limelight and attempts to do her hero-ing with as minimal a press and media footprint as possible, being notably reticent about giving interviews, posing for pictures, or even signing autographs. Her focus is always on those who need the help first… THEN dealing with the media.

Definitely popular with the Metropolis Police Department for saving two of their officers from life-threatening injuries during a bank robbery.


Twenty-seven Years Ago

Maria Tenoaks came to Earth-626 from the world of the United Sisterhood Empire after a philosophical disagreement on the disposition of males via a one-way time door. Her initial goal was to start a new line, a moderate line in comparison to the hardliners of the USE.

This put her in conflict with forces in Metropolis, and during an encounter with one of their support medical units, she was stopped fully for the first time in her life by a male. It was only after that situation resolved itself that the 'Pair A Medic' with healing powers named 'Alain' cleared his throat and let her go. Something in her wanted to beat him down, but the rather matter-of-fact reaction hit her in a way she hadn't expected. Six months later, after a whirlwind romance they were married. When it became clear that Maria was pregnant a couple of months after that, she began taking every step she could manage to ensure that her child would be a strong, vibrant daughter. She had tried to have children back home, but invariably they weren't viable via traditional Femizon cloning methods.

The birth of her daughter was an amazing thing to Maria. When Cameron got older, though, her abject lack of power, fitful healing, and glacial 'flying' was downright frustrating for both parents. Still, she had a talent for emergency medicine, taking after her father, and dove into the arts, mostly writing. Despite the somewhat weak curriculum, both parents allowed it. On the side, Maria attempted to teach Cameron all that she knew about in terms of 'self-defense' when she was old enough. This was a strange new world, and she didn't want to see her Cameron lost because of something she could have prevented. Despite the regimen, Cameron remained a bit on the scrawny side, and a little bit withdrawn.

The Present Day

Years passed, and Cameron Tenoaks became a certified paramedic in Metropolis. On her twenty-fifth birthday, the call came in to be on 'standby' near a bank robbery in progress. Some minor villain, largely forgotten, had escalated things to the level of a hostage crisis. After all efforts to negotiate failed, a cyborg stormed out of the building, money bags flailing as it smashed a patrol car with two officers still inside flying towards Cameron and her partner Eric Johnson.
In probably the most daring thing she'd ever done, she pushed her paramedic partner Eric out of the way and took the hit full-on herself. Circling television news copters immortalized the moment when the car crushed Cameron for the briefest of instances before a flash of light from inside her body blinded the witnesses for a brief moment. As their vision cleared, they found in Cameron's stead a statuesque woman with reddish-orange hair and green-grey eyes who carefully pushed the car pinning her up and away.

Cameron, still wearing the ruins of her paramedic coveralls, strode to the would-be bank robber even as police were backing off. Bullets were bouncing from its metal hide as they called for powered support. She took two swings at the cyborg, the first one taking him up off his feet, the second pile-driving him down into the asphalt , leaving him a twitching mass of sparking wires and twisted metal in the impact crater, disabled but not in danger of death.

Cameron then walked over to the squad car, reached in, grabbed the two officers, clutching them to her chest as she first started running… then as if it was not enough, jumping… and then… flying at a reasonable speed. When she arrived at the hospital, she checked them in the emergency wing, giving a litany of injuries that she thought that she'd detected on them. It was a bit of a shock when it was revealed that the officers were fine, their injuries miraculously healed. And it was then she realized her jumpsuit was torn. And there were things definitely amiss.

After a very appreciated loan of some hospital scrubs, she made her way back to the bank to check in on the situation and to get back to Eric to see how he was doing. The media went absolutely nuts when she returned, and started asking her all sorts of questions. The key one was 'who was she' and with a moment of introspection, she rather shyly pushed the word 'Columbia' out there. She'd remembered the term from the historical context, and the tales that Mom used to cram down her throat when she was much younger. It took Eric almost comically jumping in the way of the press to give her enough space to regroup her thoughts and not completely make a hash of things.

It made the news. Her mom… actually talked to her… like a person, and told her how proud she was… but that she shouldn't and couldn't stop now. Cameron needed to *prove* herself. Dad gave her a smile for the first time that she could remember, and simply applauded her when she got home.
And then the interview offers began… and the sponsorship offers… and the endorsement requests. Cameron had gotten her fifteen minutes of fame… but at what cost? Inside, she's still mostly reserved. This attention makes her nervous and nauseous all at the same time. But Mom and Dad are treating her the best that they ever have, so she must be doing something right?

Character Details

Cameron's life so far has been not quite living up to her parents expectations and generally fading into the background to avoid a lot of attention. Even though she was good at being a paramedic and had hopes of being a writer someday, she never really looked to have the opportunity to be able to speak up or say something. She became somewhat introverted as a result.

Since the bank robbery, a lot of those long-ingrained traits still remain, despite efforts by friends and family to attempt to bring her 'out of her shell' more. It's not that easy.


Image Name Relation Information
VorpalKeithHM.png Vorpal Titan Cat No hesitation, he jumped in on that structure fire without protective gear. Awesome!
Lunair.png Lunair Recurring Acquaintance We keep running into each other. At least she uses non-lethal methods, unlike some of the other mercs out there.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Iceman Frosty Fellow Pretty good rapport, worked well together during MTown Riots. Member of XRed.
MsMarvel01.jpg Miss Marvel Field Leader Solid, take charge sort of woman. Kind of like Mom.
medium.jpg Spoiler Young vigilante Good person, appreciate the color choice, though… isn't there someone else that uses a shade like that?
HereSheIs.png Miss America Not Sure Has pretty good taste in food, but man, does she ever pack a wallop.
medium.jpg Scarlet Witch Hard-luck citizen She needs a place to call home, I think. Decent enough, though? I think?
Wasp2.jpg the-wasp Secret Fashion Designer She saw the problems of dealing with the superheroic lifestyle. And she has an idea of what I'm going for.
thumbnail.jpg General Zod Criminal His people were responsible for several murders and partially responsible for unleashing a something in Metropolis. I hope we get a rematch sometime.
Seikatsu1.jpg Seikatsu Fellow Healer I've never seen someone else as dangerous as she is yet as capable with the power of healing. Hope to run into her again soon.
thumbnail.jpg Booster Gold Professional Hero The antithesis of what I'm about. But he sets things aside for more important matters and he's very polite. Note: Don't tell Mom, she might think I'm interested in him!
thumbnail.jpg Storm Surge 'Boyfriend' Is it possible to have a 'beard' for the sake of throwing off just one's parent? Also, hope he's doing okay with this Atlantean issue.
Mera9.jpg Aquawoman Royal Friend She helped me out when the press was crushing in on me. Worried about her after what happened to her husband. Hope she's okay!


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