Contingency C
Contingency C
Portrayed by Travis Fimmel
Full Name Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Age 23
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Project Rebirth
Occupation Test Subject, Soldier
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Midtown High's best quarterback!


Formerly promising ESU quarterback who went into the military but has come home to continue his studies.


Seven years ago, Flash was the big man on campus. The world was his oyster, it was his and everyone else just lived in it. Captain of the football team, dating the head cheerleader, he seemed set to take on everything the world threw at him. Sure as the King of Midtown High he sometimes gave other folks a hard time, but that's high school. And if things kept going as they were chances are Flash never would have realized what was missing from his life and gone on to be just that guy who peaked in high school.

But then Spider-Man showed up. Oh sure it's corny. Flash barely even met the guy a few times and the few times Flash tried to help him out he ended up causing more headaches for the guy than he helped. Yet Spider-Man was there, selfless, strong, and he showed Flash what it really meant to be a hero. It was through the lens of Spider-Man that he was able to look back at his life and see that he wasn't satisfied, nor was he happy.

For a year he attended Empire State University, and on some level there was the appeal of his old life there. Football. Girls. Heck even Peter Parker was there, and he almost fell back into that old rhythm. But again it was Spider-Man who inspired him. Sure Flash couldn't really swing from rooftops and fight crime. But he could do what he could for his country. He signed up for the Army, and went to Iraq.

At first Flash was very gung ho, trying to fit in to how he thought people wanted him to act. But over time he realized that he needed to be himself, needed to be there not to project any sort of image, but to be there to help his friends get through the time there. To protect those he cared about, to try to take what he could each day and do what little bit of good he could each time he could.

It was after reaching this realization that his platoon came under heavy fire after an IED exploded. Though he was terribly injured, Flash was able to overcome his situation and to save his commanding officer, dragging the man from the line of fire and into cover. It took them several days to return back to the forward base, they both made it but unfortunately the injuries cost Flash the use of his legs.

So now Flash has returned to the States, a decorated hero yet feeling not entirely heroic. His future lies before him. School beckons, he has a free ticket to Empire State on the GI plan. But he's also been contacted by Army Intelligence who seem to want to have him participate in a test project. Knowing Flash, he'll try to do both.

Character Details

Alpha male. That's what it's been in the past primarily. Flash has always figured he's the guy, A number one head chief. At first he sort of believed it. Everything came easily to him physically. He was faster, stronger, better than most people he met. But as the years went on, Flash started to realize that anyone can seem like a big fish in a tiny enough bowl. Oh sure he can act the part easily enough. If you need someone to make the big speech during the big game, he's your guy. But that bravado, that arrogant confidence, it's sort of an act. And he knows it.

The Flash of today is a different person than the one of only three years ago. He's a man who has had to face death, vulnerability, pain and found that all of the bullcrap gung ho slogans don't mean anything. The Flash of the past was a stranger to fear because he would ignore it, not admit it exists. The Flash of today has made friends with his fear, knows the risks of what he does at times and the penalties for failure. He's the sort of man who has come to terms with it and realizes it doesn't matter how you feel. It matters what you do.


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