Portrayed by Patrick Labyorteaux
Full Name James 'Jim' Reha
Age 42/(Unknown)
Height 5'6"/6'*
Build Heavy-Set/Lithe
Eyes Dark Brown/Black
Hair Salt and Pepper/Black
Factions None (Yet)
Occupation Retail Veteran
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Not very many entities could engage the God of Mischief in conversation and sway them to undo some of their chaos in the efforts of creating more. Yet somehow, the Corvinus has done it at least once. This doesn't happen every day, and it has people watching it, now. Jim is developing a propensity for being at areas of potential conflict that somehow get resolved peacefully. This is being monitored by interested parties.


Jim is a hard worker, and a veteran of the retail workplace as well as the military. He's almost fanatic about being to work on time at both Drakos Recycling and Stark Industries since both Mike Drakos and Pepper Potts have taken him in when no other legit corporations would. Corvinus is an obscure hybrid of a thesaurus and a zen master who does not typically use the pronoun 'I' in referring to itself. (AKA Philosophy Bird, Buddha Bird)


Long ago, the ancient Archaeopian race reached across the universe. One of these contacts was the greatest stroke of coincidence. It was resolved, then, that this race on the world of Thanagar be provided with the resources to reach their own age of enlightenment. Most of these efforts, though, were sadly cut-off after the arrival of the World-Eater. Their ancient wisdom was lost to his hunger, presumably forever.

On Thanagar, the artifact arrived. Called 'The Corvinus', it was a self-aware created intelligence designed to guide the Thanagarian people to greatness, and help them until they attained true enlightenment. While successful, it was a threat to some who wished to gain power.

Thus it was that some of the most respected elders of the society, whose names have been lost to time, turned upon The Corvinus. Such betrayal, with strange weapons and techniques that it had not taught its clients, perplexed the armored entity. Had it not guided this world well?

It headed for the deep black, dutifully compiling the notes of the last encounters. implementing some of the strange new materiel into its own design lest it run into the wayward race before it was ready to deal with them. Those few learned scholars that knew of the tale of The Corvinus knew only that its departure hastened the fall from the golden age of Thanagarian Enlightenment and it faded to the status of long-forgotten myth.

Centuries flew by, then ages, then epochs. Worlds were sifted, until eventually there was a sign, far, far away. Eventually The Corvinus found itself approaching the third solid mass of a G-type main sequence star, and the primitive races that were beginning to display signs of rudimentary technology and engineering even without its intervention.

Even as it approached, it felt a familiar energy wavelength rippling across space. The Thanagarians had managed to fly to the stars, and they were hungry, wanting.

The construct kicked into immediate action mode, attempting to find some suitable agent, some host to interface with. The increased scrutiny blinded it to immediate danger. Caught unaware, the ancient entity fell after colliding with space debris.

James Reha was a solid reliable worker with a major retail chain in the Midwest with under two decades under his belt, prefaced by a brief stint in the Navy and a dalliance with the occult. He was looking forward to another few years of hard work and then the opportunity to retire and live off his 401k, perhaps with an eye to modest world travel.

Then the rug was pulled out from under him. The major retailer that he was employed by just before his twentieth anniversary closed its doors. James found himself in a park north of his home with dark intoxicated thoughts when the sky to the west brightened and something flaming deposited itself on the far end of the park.

The former wage slave stumbled drunkenly towards the crater. He didn't think of the possibility of Bad Things. As the strange meteorite cooled, it stirred briefly, revealing a strange alien bird-thing. The man approached the thing and greeted it politely. Sobriety began to rear its ugly head, even as the thing 'gasped' out strange words…. “Thanagar… danger… must… stop.”

The Corvinus didn't really give the poor guy much of a chance to refuse the offer of an interface, given the circumstances.

Character Details

Corvinus seeks the enlightenment of those he/it interacts with. Jim is the kind of guy that wants to help out, but has an odd way of doing it sometimes. Together, they go on ADVENTURES!


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Fenris_Wolf Friend? Landlord? Jim has an understandable primal-level fear of Fenris supported by knowledge of the legendry around him. Despite that, he is gradually working being able to deal with the fellow. Corvinus appreciates the talks that they've been having, as it is refreshing to have someone with the perspective of the ages (even if Fenris is but a pup to its years of knowledge.)
medium.jpg Metal Employer Mike Drakos has hired Jim to be an assistant day-shift manager at his salvage yard in Jersey. It's a well-paying job with reasonable expectations. Knows that he works for Stark Industries part-time.
Gwyneth_Paltrow_Iron_Man_Wallpaper_600x402.jpg Pepper Potts Employer The Dream Boss. Always knows what you need before you know you need it. No WONDER Mister Stark brought her on board, and she's saved Jim's life at least twice. Knows that he works for Mike Drakos full-time.
Loki3.jpg Loki Wild Card Loki's means and methods are inscrutable, ephemeral, and never quite what they seem to be, all at once. And yet, Corvinus was able to have a decent respectful chat with the Asgardian God of Mischief. The fall-out from that conversation continues to ripple outwards.
dc2b0b8ad563270c500f6a7067006fcb.jpg?w=339 Falcon Good Samaritan Corvinus has run into Falcon while Sam was offering to help someone or was in the progress of helping someone. Sam's mom Darlene is amazing for her hospitality and her insight.
Cap-8.jpg Captain America Subtle Samaritan Whereas Falcon is oriented on the concept of rendering medical attention, Steve is more focused on the providing of sheer butt-kicking. Plus, ya'know, Living Legend and all of that.
medium.jpg Constantine Amoral 'Doctor' From the first adventure, to a strange summoning circle and more, John has been the one that shows up in a more frustrating fashion than even the God of Mischief. On the plus side, things are NEVER boring when he's around.
z360e9M.jpg Hulk Insightful Scientist For being as tied to the paradigm of pure SCIENCE as he professes to be, Dr. Banner has proven to be remarkably flexible and exceptionally insightful. Plus, having to deal with an alter ego of his own may provide some further insight. No Hulk Smash, please?
Shift%202.png Shift Narcotic Disabler The man seems to want particular drugs off the street. This is a good thing. Drugs interfere with Enlightenment. No matter what proponents of their use might say.
medium.jpg Aspect 'Light' Gunner Never thought he'd be the voice of Reason in dealing with Shayera. Goodness.
geXi05W.jpg Rain Awesome Support Witch For all the stuff that folks say about 'never suffer a witch to live', this is the argument that defeats such silly logic. Rain is respectful, insightful, and not afraid to help out. Also makes some great tea and has a great house staff! Saved Jim's life twice now. Not that he's counting or anything.
Superman%201.png Superman World Boy Scout He saved Corvinus from becoming the biggest bird-being ever sucked into a jet intake. He also has some sort of connection to this 'Zod' guy. Gonna help him out but be darn careful about it.
Luckybarns Lucky Pepper's Bodyguard This person really creeps out Jim, and Corvinus isn't quite sure what to make of him, either. Is it all an act, a cover?
Mera9.jpg Aquawoman Queen of Sane Atlantis This monarch and representative of the more sane Atlantean people came with peace in mind, a day at the beach planned, and in general, a decent sort of person. If only she could rein in some of the more violent elements.
medium.jpg Spoiler Young Vigilante While she does have a rather dry wit, she also has a code against killing taught to her by the Man of the Bat. Corvinus appreciates this. Plus, she helped get us out of Arkham Asylum alive.
Magik001.jpg Magik Boss in Demon Limbo Vodka connoisseur, dry humorist, and leaves no doubt that she is indeed a leader in her realm. And, amazingly enough, the best house guest we've had over so far.
VorpalKeithHM.png Vorpal Struggling Man-cat Man has some sense of humor. Unfortunately, most of it seems to be obscure. Still, is capable of learning and growing. And that is what is important.
article-0-00B7D4FF00000578-734_226x272.jpg The Wall Kindred Spirit Beset on many sides, prepared for most, she rides the forefront of many Storms, a harbinger and a problem-solver. While we can't trust her implicitly due to this, we completely empathize with her goals and objectives. Hopefully we will not end up at cross-purposes.
BATGIRL_as_oracle_zpsb68a69bb.jpg Oracle Programming Expert 'Babs' (possibly an alias?) has offered to perform research to help us find the 'missing code' that has been lost to the ages. Hopefully it'll work. It might take a miracle.
hawkgirl%281%29.jpg Hawkgirl Psychotic Huntress This Thanagarian burst into our apartment and tried to kill the partner. She IS from Thanagar, the danger to this world has multiplied significantly. Even though they tried to kill her. And yet, we feel a strange resonance to her for some reason.
tumblr_m96j7aPXKt1qm8fi6.jpg darce Spirited kid Good kid, lot of spirit, though kind of weird how we keep bumping into each other…


Potential Players of Thanagarian (Hawkfolk) characters: Your characters may or may not know of the ancient mythology behind The Corvinus, and they are welcome to have whatever preconceived notions (good or ill) about it. In addition, the thing has a metal composite that it really shouldn't. These are design features of the character (read: Disadvantage) and should be targeted as appropriate to scenes and plot.


"It is a good day when every sentient involved in a thing learns something."

Character Gallery


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