Portrayed by Jana Mashonee
Full Name Jesana Revae
Age 18
Height 5'6"
Build Muscular
Eyes One brown, One green
Hair Brunette
Factions None
Occupation Unemployed and looking for work.
Alignment Uknown

Claim to Fame



She's worked hard to remain unknown.


As an infant, Jesana was rescued by a man named Dirk Carter. On a mission to break up a trafficing ring specializing in people with unusual abilities, He'd pulled her from a building set afire to destroy all evidence of the ring and its bosses. He'd been rather shocked when the baby girl had turned into a coyote cub in his arms. Shocked, but not surprised for Dirk Carter was a werewolf. Knowing the child would be in great danger if anyone learned what she could do, the men had brought her to the relative safety of the blackfeet reservation in the Montana wilderness and left her to be raised by Dirk's twin sons.
Not yet adults themselves, the boys had done their best with a bright, lively little girl who had a penchent for mischief and trouble and an equal knack for getting out of it. She'd been a wild child and has become and equally wild young woman. Having recently turned eighteen and judged old and wise enough, Jesana has been given leave to venture outside the reservation and into the world on her own.
Despite the danger, and knowing she probably can't trust anyone with who and what she really is, Jesana is eager to experience life on her own terms in what she calls "the real world." She has no idea what will happen next, or where she's going to end up, but she's both ready and willing to find out. For now she's settled in New York city where she can experience life in a major metropolitan area while still blending in and not being noticed among so many other people. She now sees more passersby on daily basis than she'd previously known her entire life.

Character Details

While wary of others and not one to trust easily at all, Jesana is friendly to others, so long as they remain the same and don't try to get to close. Sassy and unwilling to take crap from anyone, she doesn't always have the strength to back herself up. She does however have the speed and brains to get herself out of most sticky situations.


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Character Gallery


Primal Forces: Misfit, Mage and Coyote
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Coyote Meet Coyote
March 6, 2015: Zee visits the Titans to introduce Jesana, and Jericho turns up with unwelcome news
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Hydra, Team 7 and Answers please
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Changing In Central Park
February 24, 2015: A walk in Central Park for Jesana and Zatanna
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Changing in Central Park
February 24, 2015: A walk in Central Park for Jesana and Zatanna.
(log: 20150224-changing-in-central-park | tags: coyote zatanna | posted: 08 Mar 2015 15:46)

At The Borders Of The Neverwhere
24 February 2015: Zee, Pepper and Jesana meet Fenris on the borders of the Neverwhere
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Just Coffee
February 23 2015: Jericho meets May for coffee not too far from the Tri. It's never just coffee.
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