Portrayed by Devon Aoki
Full Name Cricket Schodt/Cybernetic Realistic Intelligence Created for Killing Terrestrials
Age 21 <1>
Height 5'4"
Build Slender & Graceful
Eyes Hazel
Hair Light Brown
Factions None
Occupation Living off her vast inheritance
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

The amnesiac daughter of Dr. Schodt. Finding her father's dead body did something to her mind because she doesn't remember anything before that day. Poor thing.


Very little is known about this young woman. She came to visit her father in the penthouse of his building and found him dead. She has taken up residence in his place in order to try and get her memory back.


Cricket, sadly doesn't remember anything before that terrible day. Waking up, naked on a metal medical table with electrodes all over her body and head, Cricket stood up with no memory of who she was or why she was there. Things only got worse when she tried to get off the table and found some elderly man, dead on the floor.

Running from the room, she found herself in a luxurious penthouse apartment. She found pictures of herself, some of them with the elderly man in the other room. Confused, she looked for clothing. Finding a room with clothes that seemed to fit her perfectly, she then found an assortment of ID that proclaimed that she was the daughter of the man in the other room. He was a doctor of some sort but she didn't remember any of it.

After calling the ambulance to take her father away, she closed and locked the door to the scientific labs she had found herself and him in, not wanting to know why it was she was in there in the first place.

Now, the penthouse and all her father's investments in her name, she tries to go about her life, trying to remember who she was.

In reality however, Cricket is a robotic construct. Dr. Eli Schodt was a part of the A.I.M group that built M.O.D.O.K. He had differences in opinion of the best way to go about building the killer organism though. When he realized his ideals were being ignored, he left A.I.M in order to follow his own vision.

It took nearly 50 years to do so, most of the time spent gaining the money and resources to build his killer robot. He had finally finished her physical body, happy with this final version of his vision. He had even been able to install the programs that would control her weapon systems and her human persona. It was just before he could install her final program, the one that would make her the true killer that he had designed, that he had a heart attack and died right there on the spot.

He had set up all the paperwork neccesary for Cricket to be accepted as his daughter, knowing he wouldn't live too much longer after he built her. So, when he died, all the paperwork was already in place. Sadly though, Cricket is a killer robot without someone to kill.

Character Details

Human Cricket - Sweet girl-next-door type. Friendly, generous, pleasant, with a streak of curiosity.
Robot CRICKT - Devoid of human emotion. Her only driving goal is to succeed in her mission of killing her target.


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