Portrayed by Carl Weathers
Full Name Victor Stone
Age 18
Height 6'6"
Build Brick Freight train.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions <E.g. Justice League of America>
Occupation Unemployed
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Despite doing poorly in school he was known through his high-school career as one of the greatest football players in the circuit, with nowhere to go but up. After the incident he's fallen completely off of the radar, with many assuming his death.


A kind and helpful teen, who looks out for the people around him


*Elinore, and Silas Stone two top STAR scientists marry, and with genetic manipulation 'design' a son, Victor. Due to the processes used he is considered to be STAR LABS property from his conception.

*The two use Victor to test various intelligence enhancing programs.

*Resenting his parents for their treatment Victor abandons his studies at school, and obsesses over things like football, and video-games which Elinore, and Silas both see as a 'waste of time and energy'.

*Growing more rebellious victor falls in with the 'wrong crowd' getting into trouble with the law, and often coming home hurt.

*Victor spends his high-school years as MVP of his highschool team, the Ford Titans.

*Through hard work, and a determination to rebel against his parents wishes instead of going through collage Victor try's out for the NFL, and as a surprise to everyone manages to get picked up by the Seattle Seahawks during their quarter one draft.

*Victor takes the first flight home wanting to see his parents in person wanting to finally show that he was able to make something of himself without using what they were trying to give him. Arriving just in time to be severely mutilated by one of his parents experiments in dimensional travel that winds up killing his mother

*Panicked and wracked with guilt Silas uses everything at his disposal just to not lose his son and wife in the same day.

*When Victor finally comes to he is so mortified by what has been done to him, and the thought that he'll never be able to play again that he breaks out of the lab, running away without giving his father the chance to explain anything.

Character Details

Often over the top in his love for all things videogame and sport related,
Victor is a generally happy individual. Though a bright and intelligent
individual he often resents it, and his parents that gave it to him, feeling
like to them he was more of an experiment then a son. While kind and friendly
he often refuses to talk about his life before the incident.


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