Portrayed by Michael Trucco
Full Name Scott Summers
Age 30
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Covered
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men
Occupation Leader of the X-Men
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Scott's just a teacher. Ain't much fame in that


As a teacher, his reputation is as a stric…You know, he's kind of strict all the way around, no matter what you're talking about


Scott Summers was born to Christopher and Katherine Summers in Anchorage, Alaska. Later, the family welcomed the addition of a second Summers son. The family moved often due to Christopher's life as a test pilot for the United States Air Force. One of the favorite family activities was setting out in Christopher's private plane. On their last journey as a family, Scott awoke on the plane to a large bang of screeching metal and the immense heat of fire. His last memory of the event was his father pushing a parachute into the arms of him and his brother to share. Though he has forgotten, the parachute carrying Scott and his brother caught fire and plummeted to the earth. Scott hit his head in the landing and was knocked unconscious. Luckily for Scott, he was kept alive by his brother until help arrived.

Scott was sent to the hospital, while his brother was placed in an orphanage after the brother's became wards of the state. After coming to and recovering in the hospital, Scott was sent to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. He suffered from major bouts of amnesia and spent his time there lonely, frustrated, and suffering often from intense headaches.

One day, while walking the streets of downtown Omaha after school, Scott suffered from one of the worst migraines he had to that point. He remembers looking at a crane at a construction site across the street, his vision turning bright red, and the crane exploding into a thousand pieces. As he turned his head, the destruction continued across to a parking garage. In a panic, Scott closed his eyes, and came to the realization that something was very, very wrong with him. He found his way into an alley, down, next go a garbage dumpster, and buried his face in his knees in despair. Suddenly a voice came into his head. "Do not be afraid."

From age 16, Scott Summers has been a pupil of at an Institute for Mutant students. He has become a devoted student, extremely intent on seeing his mentor's dreams become a reality. A leader from a young age, Scott immersed himself in learning skills that would better his hopes of making mutant peace a reality. He took the name Cyclops, and was fashioned a special visor and special glasses that allow him to see without creating destruction. In his mentor he found his dream. In the X-men he found his calling.

Character Details

Scott Summers is intensely devoted to the ideals of his mentor. He shares the dream; a world where Mutants and Humans can interact in peace and without fear. He has committed almost his entire life to furthering the cause, and the mission is never far from his mind. Scott has shown himself to be selfless; putting the needs of the school and the X-men before his own needs. He does so willingly.

As Cyclops, he is known to be a very strict field commander. His uncompromising nature demands high levels of achievement of his allies and students. He pushes his students rather hard; those who like him respect him for getting the most out of his teammates. Those who do not tend to think he is too rigid.

Scott is not a complete robot, however. He has a dry sense of humor and will often joke around with some of his close friends at the Institute. He also enjoys quiet time in solace, often working on his, or others vehicles, which he fixes free of charge.


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Mimic1.jpg Calvin Rankin Teammate Coming Soon comuxkit1.jpg Kitty Pryde Teammate Coming Soon

Theme Music

"The Red" by Chevelle

Character Gallery


On the Way to Santa Prisca
April 1st, 2015: Cyclops, Mimic and Magneto go looking for Xavier's missing students. First step is a smuggler ship going between Santa Prisca and Gotham.
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Team V Team
March 29, 2015: X-Men get some Team Versus Team practice in
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March 21, 2015: Audrey and Nate come to Scott, confessing their involvement in the destruction of Project Centurion.
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Primal Force: Cyclops Goes Primal
March 20, 2015: Cyclops and Gambit are introduced to other members of the Primal Force team… Cyclops might go missing
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Sins of the Present
March 16, 2015: While Cyclops and Phoenix plan a recon mission on the Centurion Project, Rachel comes to confess her insubordinate actions.
(log: 20150316-sins-of-the-present | tags: cyclops marvel-girl mimic phoenix x-men | posted: 18 Mar 2015 01:22)

Parenting is a Bitch
March 16, 2015: Following Rachel's confession, Scott and Jean discuss the difficulties of being foster parents by way of reality/time-travel. Fortunately, it's not all brooding and angst.
(log: 20150316-parenting-is-a-bitch | tags: cyclops phoenix x-men | posted: 18 Mar 2015 13:00)

Kobiyashi Maru
March 13th, 2015: Rachel & Scott head into the Danger Zone to discuss recent events and Scott is given a chance to experience a Danger Room simulation put together by Rachel about her own future. Lorna, Rachel, Lunair and Nate also meet to discuss some things. Lorna makes herself a new helmet.
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Primal Forces: Cyclops' Twelve
March 13 2015: The X-Men move to recover some dangerous artifacts from a HYDRA supporter. Oceans Eleven turns into Immortals pretty damn fast.
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It's Not a Long Way to Cairo
March 11, 2015: Quicksilver seeks some guidance from Cyclops following his speech. Cyclops gives the antsy youngster some food for thought in the form of a Danger Room simulation.
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March 10, 2015: The X-Men are gathered together, and Scott gives them new direction.
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A Dream Worth Fighting For
March 09, 2015: Hank and Scott discuss the implications of Project: CENTURION with Professor X.
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Sins of the Future #7: Black Sun
March 07th 2016: Following the events of SotF #6, the X-Men deploy via The Blackbird to a top secret military base where they encounter more than they bargained for.
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What Next?
March 06, 2015: Scott, Kitty, Jean, Rachel and Calvin discuss the Pacific operation upon returning to X-Men HQ, along with the tragic murder that took place at home.
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Sins of the Future #6: Too Late
March 6th, 2016: The X-Men are socializing when a call to arms interrupts it.
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We're Not at War
March 06, 2015: Scott talks with Hank about recent developments before seeking out Professor Xavier.
(log: 20150306-not-at-war | tags: beast cyclops x-men | posted: 08 Mar 2015 18:04)

Sins of the Future #5: Reunion
March 5th, 2016: Alex Summers and Scott Summers are reunited finally and to boot, Scott also gets a flying car. Mike, Lorna, Rachel and Calvin also discuss 'The Sisterhood'.
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Lunair and Old One Eye
February 26, 2015: Jericho, Cyclops and Lunair discuss the HYDRA threat
(log: 20150236-lunahydra | tags: aspect cyclops lunair nyc x-men | posted: 03 Mar 2015 07:09)

GT or Flying Car?
February 23, 2015: Scott gets to know his time displaced children better, while Mike offers to build him a flying car. Scott Summers is having a good day.
(log: 20150223-gt-or-flying-car | tags: cyclops marvel-girl metal x-man x-men | posted: 24 Feb 2015 14:01)

X:4:X Loose Ends
February 21, 2015: Jean and Scott pay a visit to the Baxter Building
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Dissecting Domino
February 18, 2015: Cyclops is investigating the mercenary he'd run into in District X, which attracts some helpful attention.
(log: 20150218-dissecting-domino | tags: bamfs beast cable cyclops domino x-men | posted: 19 Feb 2015 00:04)

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