Portrayed by
Full Name Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Age 22
Height 5'9"
Build Average
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions N/A
Occupation Freelance
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Omnilinguist, ex-X-Man.


"Most useless" X-Man to those who don't know. To those who do know, most commonly used for: 'What're they saying?'


Douglas Aaron Ramsey was the son of Philip and Sheila Ramsey. He first came to the Xavier Institute's attention through a friendship with a few students. Suspected of having a latent mutant power, Doug was offered a scholarship. Eventually, once his power was discovered, he was placed in training with a select group, working his way into the field team called the X-Men.

Despite being an X-Man, Doug remained behind on many field missions, as his power did not lend itself towards active field work. The ability to read body language was not helpful for a young man still growing into his body at the time, and world technology was not yet at a point where his ability to comprehend computer languages and re-communicate it back would prove to be useful, so his work tend to be limited to technological tasks.

And then Doug died, shot twice on a mission saving a life.

He remained gone for a number of years before resurrecting under uncertain circumstances, with a sharper maturation of his power, a clearer view of just how -much- the world was information waiting to be translated…

Character Details

Doug's generally your average suburban yuppie gamer boy. A touch of stiffness at times when trying to process information, but generally good-natured young man.


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Character Gallery


Upgrade Wanted
March 11th, 2015: Doug, Nate, Remy and Rose have a chat about upgrades, Sentinels and Scott's perma-scowl.
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Sins of the Future #8: Omen
<March 09th, 2016>: Shadowcat, Cypher, Doug and Marvel-Girl analyze the data stolen from the secret military base they encountered in a prior mission. They discover the true capabilities of Project: CENTURION.
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Sins of the Future #2: Reflection
February 23, 2015: The X-Men Red Team as well as a student from the Institute help the NYPD investigate a grisly murder, drawing them into a vast conspiracy far bigger than any of them. (Emits by Rachel)
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Claws Out, Fangs Bared
February 4th, 2015: X-23 is unleashed on the unsuspecting masses in M-Town fortunately the X-Men and Magneto were present to keep the bad turning in to the worse.
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Architects and Army Brats
January 30, 2015: Roberto and Doug welcome newcomer Audrey and visitor Clarissa to the Red Team offices. Roberto proves inept at basic reception work, to no one's surprise.
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Worlds Apart
January 21, 2015: Doug tries to introduce Kida to Berto and likely gets more awkwardness then he bargained for.
(log: 20150121-worlds-apart | tags: cypher sunspot tattoo | posted: 25 Feb 2015 01:25)

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