Darcy Lewis
Portrayed by Kat Dennings
Full Name Darcy Lewis
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Build Curvey
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Factions SHIELD
Occupation Recruit / Intern
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Sass-Mastah-D! is an awesome… local… not well known.. only played two seasons… of derby.. BUT! Darcy has used her Tazer. On a Norse God. And she's still alive, bitches! Did I taze him? Yes. Yes, I did.


SHIELD's Front Desk knows me as ''Hey! Late Girl! No outside food or dri- Is that Starbucks? …Go ahead.'' To everyone else… just another face in the crowd. With nerdy glasses, bright red lips… and a low cut blouse. Thank you very much. Please drive through.


Darcy was not a very exceptional child. Or high schooler. Or Culver University student. She was just your average ordinary political science major who applied for an internship. She was the only one to apply for the internship. Which led her to New Mexico. That was a crazy time. So crazy that it landed her with a side job with SHIELD. Life is WEIRD!

Character Details

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Character Gallery

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Time Square Winter Blunderland
December 14, 2014: ePocalypse Strikes Timesquare and is foiled by Agent Darcy and the Flash while Mack rescues her purchases and Nyx goes viral for superhero blunders
(log: 20141214-timesquarewinterwonderland | tags: darce flash mack_linden nyx | posted: 16 Dec 2014 00:00)

Winter Blunderland Aftermath
December 14, 2014: Darce brings May to meet Nyx who texts Hawkeye who totally slow walked showing up with May there and then boom Aspect drops by.
(log: 20141214-timesquareaftermath | tags: aspect darce hawkeye_ii nyx the_cavalry | posted: 16 Dec 2014 00:06)

Hauer Research & Development
December 14, 2014: Agent Hauer attacks and R&D Facility in Long Island…
(log: 20141214-hauer-randd | tags: aspect darce mystique nyc oracle ozymandias shield the_cavalry | posted: 14 Dec 2014 12:17)

Starbucks Rescue
November 22, 2014: Darcy is running errands and Piotr needs rescuing. It all works out.
(log: 20141122-starbucks-rescue | tags: colossus darce | posted: 23 Nov 2014 20:31)

Pychos On Skates
October 20,2014: Unhappy with her identity being besmirched in the tabloids, Harley confronts the imposter that was scene on a date with Robin
(log: 20141025-pychos-on-skates | tags: darce harley | posted: 27 Oct 2014 00:08)

Another Day in SHIELD Medical
October 13, 2014: Another day in SHIELD Medical means yet more unexpectedly funny hi-jinks.
(log: 20141013-another-day-in-shield-medical | tags: antoine_triplett black_widow darce fitz hawkeye shield simmons the_cavalary | posted: 16 Oct 2014 00:21)

Coulson Comes Prepared
October 12, 2014: Given those who have gathered in SHIELD Medical, one thing is certain. Coulson comes prepared.
(log: 20141012-coulson-comes-prepared | tags: darce fitz hawkeye phil_coulson shield simmons | posted: 13 Oct 2014 03:27)

Darcy Gets Dr. Who'D
October 11, 2014: Darcy's in medical, and Fitz's lab is next door. This isn't a catastrophe waiting to happen at all.
(log: 20141011-darcy-gets-whod | tags: darce fitz shield | posted: 11 Oct 2014 21:38)

Holy Suicidal Sidekicks, Batman!
October 3, 2014: In a strange case of mistaken identity, Darcy and Robin meet one another in a myriad of silliness.
(log: 20141004-holy-suicidal-sidekicks-batman | tags: darce gotham ibn_al_xu_ffasch robin vorpal zatara | posted: 04 Oct 2014 15:29)

Chaos at Cold Stone
October 3, 2014: Ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery turns to chaos; takes place after Holy Suicidal Sidekicks Batman!
(log: 20141003-chaos-at-cold-stone | tags: darce joker robin the_cavalry wolverine | posted: 11 Oct 2014 14:28)

September 06 2014: Kitty Pryde's efforts have finally revealed the location of the rebel's secret base… er, Hydra's secret base.
(log: 20140906-iceworm | tags: aspect darce kitty_pryde the_cavalry | posted: 08 Sep 2014 21:23)

Sunday Morning
August 31, 2014: What does Kwabena do after getting Hulk-flicked into the East River? Drag his busted ass to Darcy's apartment, of course. (Vulgarity)
(log: 20140831-sunday-morning | tags: darce shift | posted: 03 Sep 2014 11:17)

Hangover City (mild language warning)
August 30, 2014: Having been called the night before to help take care of a very drunk Darcy, Nancy gets to know the person she was caring for all night.
(log: 20140830-hangover-city | tags: darce deadzone shift | posted: 30 Aug 2014 22:09)

Smoke Ice and Sass
August 29 2014: Darcy Lewis, Bobby Drake and Shift share a few drinks at the Burning Human Festival
(log: 20140829-smoke-ice-and-sass | tags: darce iceman shift | posted: 30 Aug 2014 11:01)

Royal Funnel Cake
August 28 2014: People meet at the Burning Human Festival. Funnel cake ensues.
(log: 20140828-royal-funnel-cake | tags: aquaman aquawoman corvinus darce iceman metal nyc | posted: 01 Sep 2014 00:11)

Roller Derby Recruit
August 18 2014: Jericho, whilst waiting on a few things, is nearly run over by Darcy
(log: 20140818-roller-derby-recruit | tags: aspect darce | posted: 21 Aug 2014 11:43)

Rules of the Game
August 12, 2014: Tony Stark and Evelyn are recovering (or slowly and painfully dying) in a SHIELD medical wing. That's just the perfect moment for Maria Hill to drop in and start throwing some sass around. (Language warning, natch.)
(log: 20140812-rules-of-the-game | tags: darce evelyn iron_man maria_hill shield | posted: 13 Aug 2014 01:44)

The Smooth: A Drug Deal of Sorts
August 11, 2014: Shift tracks down (with a bit of help) an old acquaintance (of sorts), and asks Bruce Banner for help learning more about The Smooth
(log: 20140811-the-smooth-drug-deal-of-sorts | tags: darce hulk shift the-smooth | posted: 13 Aug 2014 01:12)

August 11, 2014: A few chance encounters at a makeshift skating rink in Central Park results in… hilarity and antics. (Lots of f-bombs)
(log: 20140811-destructo-foot | tags: corvinus darce shift stargirl | posted: 12 Aug 2014 04:53)

Dinner Date
August 07 2014: Jamie Madrox takes Darcy Lewis out on a casual date. Well… one of them.
(log: 20140807-dinner-date | tags: darce iceman multiple_man shield the_cavalry x-men | posted: 11 Aug 2014 05:25)

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