Darcy Lewis
Portrayed by Kat Dennings
Full Name Darcy Lewis
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Build Curvey
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Factions SHIELD
Occupation Recruit / Intern
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Sass-Mastah-D! is an awesome… local… not well known.. only played two seasons… of derby.. BUT! Darcy has used her Tazer. On a Norse God. And she's still alive, bitches! Did I taze him? Yes. Yes, I did.


SHIELD's Front Desk knows me as ''Hey! Late Girl! No outside food or dri- Is that Starbucks? …Go ahead.'' To everyone else… just another face in the crowd. With nerdy glasses, bright red lips… and a low cut blouse. Thank you very much. Please drive through.


Darcy was not a very exceptional child. Or high schooler. Or Culver University student. She was just your average ordinary political science major who applied for an internship. She was the only one to apply for the internship. Which led her to New Mexico. That was a crazy time. So crazy that it landed her with a side job with SHIELD. Life is WEIRD!

Character Details

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August 5, 2014: Just some summertime, poolside fun.
(log: 20140805-worth | tags: cannonball darce | posted: 06 Aug 2014 03:04)

Lesson Two
August 04 2014: Melinda May takes Darcey Lewis out for some more training. And happens upon a mystical disturbance
(log: 20140804-lesson-two | tags: constantine corvinus crocuta-npc darce fenris metal phobos shield the_cavalry whisperer | posted: 05 Aug 2014 09:36)

An Accidental Meeting
July 03 2014: Jericho Runs into May and a trainee near his place. An accidental meeting, but a fortunate one. Mostly.
(log: 20140803-an-accidental-meeting | tags: aspect darce k'nert shield the_cavalry | posted: 05 Aug 2014 07:57)

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