David Ironheart
Portrayed by None yet
Full Name David Ironheart
Age 19
Height 5'9"
Build Compactly Muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Crazed Vigilante
Alignment Hero?

Claim to Fame

Nothing really


Ripper is a highly aggressive, sadistic, and unhinged costumed individual who seems to limit venting his bloodlust on criminals, making him dubiously fall under the category of Vigilante as opposed to Villain.


tldr; bad childhood, not enough hugs, attacked by serial killer as child. The usual.

Character Details

On the outside he's your typical psychopath with atypical restraint, planning, and common sense: enough to know that killing people for fun will get him in prison and thus limits his targets to individuals that the cops are more likely to secretly rejoice at their demise than establish a state-wide task force over. Internally, he's in fact a deeply moral person with a will of iron that he uses to stave off the more reprehensible tendencies of his mental issues, venting what violent tendencies he can't restrain via controlled violence against the people he truly believes the world would be better off without. At this point he sees himself more as an elemental force of justice, protecting people from the horrors he has personally experienced, than a human being.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Mr. Problem Solver Best Friend Mr. Problem Solver is to date Ripper's only acknowledged friend. The two are inseparable.


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