Portrayed by Norman Reedus
Full Name Floyd Lawton
Age 37
Height 6'1"
Build Rangy
Eyes Dark
Hair Black
Factions Stormwatch
Occupation Professional Murderer
Alignment Neutral.

Claim to Fame

Infamous assassin and murderer, supposedly the best shot in the world. Publicly believed to be serving 57 consecutive life sentences in federal prison.


Deadshot has a reputation as a stone cold killer. He's known for his remarkable accuracy and his relentless pursuit of a target, a weapon that, once unleashed, cannot be called back. They say he has no conscience, no fear, that he'll kill anyone for any reason. There are rumors, recently, that he's gone on the government payroll, performing executions at the pleasure of the feds, but, at this point, it's just a rumor.


The Lawtons are a founding family of Gotham, but they fell on harder times by Floyd's birth, more reputation than actual wealth. His parents obsessed over their image, often ignoring their sons or using them just as props. Floyd's father was physically and verbally abusive, his mother alcoholic and dissipated. Floyd took up pistols and shooting as a hobby at a young age, trying to earn his father's approval, only to have it turn to scorn once he surpassed his father's skill. Floyd's only feeling was for his younger brother, until the day when, trying to save the boy from fatherly abuse, Floyd, aiming for their father, missed and blew the boy's head off his shoulders. The incident was covered up publicly, but Floyd spent the rest of his youth in military school, being beaten and disciplined at his father's command. After reaching his majority, Floyd was pleased to discover his mother dead of cirrhosis and his father, soon after, of a heart attack. He ran through the family money quickly and turned to crime, first performing robberies and eventually assassinations under the masked name of Deadshot. He clashed with law enforcement and masked men, finding his way in and out of prison. He constantly honed his skills and reputation, though, becoming feared throughout the world as a deadly assassin and sniper, racking up a body count in the hundreds if not thousands. His last capture, however, had been brutal, breaking his legs and leaving him hospitalized, facing a thousand years in one of the world's most secure prisons. Which is when the government made him an offer: serve or rot. He chose to serve. They put a bomb in his head to make sure he kept his end of the bargain, but he has no intention of running. Having a license to kill is the most fun he's ever had.

Character Details

Sociopathic, merciless and cold hearted. He feels little if anything for his fellow human beings, caring solely about himself in any circumstance. Sarcastic, cynical, and relentlessly nihilistic. Likes shooting down other people's hopes and dreams. Sadistic. Lives for action, for the kill, is never more alive than when he's looking down the scope at a kill. Surprisingly relaxed, having no worries or guilt to bother him. Always informal, having no respect for authority or occasion. Foul-mouthed, lover of gallows humor. Confident, with nothing to prove to anyone except himself. Cruel, but rarely without reason.


Image Name Relation Information
waller.jpg Amanda Waller Employer Boss-lady, Handler, Chooser of the Slain, Weatherman. Floyd respects Amanda, as much as he respects anybody, although he doesn't show it because that's not something he does. He certainly knows better than to cross her. Generally, she gives him a relatively long leash, so long as he does what she wants when she wants. Since she usually wants people dead, that's easy enough for Floyd.

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