Delilah Gilbert
Delilah Gilbert
Portrayed by Megan Fox
Full Name Delilah Gilbert
Age 26
Height 5'5"
Build Slender
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Billionaire Heiress
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Delilah Gilbert is one of the richest people on Earth, the heiress of the massive Sydney Media multinational conglomerate, the star of her own reality TV show ('My Billion Dollar Life'), the celebrity name attached to clothing lines, beauty products, ad campaigns, etc., etc.


By and large, the world either thinks of Delilah Gilbert as a fashionable, inspirational young entrepreneur or a stone cold dum-dum of a fame-whore — with not a lot of opinions in between.


Delilah Gilbert is an Australian national and the daughter of Adrian Gilbert, the man who forged Sydney Media into an international super-conglomerate of TV networks, magazines, internet streaming services, films, video games, and so on. (Her mother, Keira, died in childbirth.) When Sydney Media moved its world headquarters to New York, Delilah moved there with her father, and for her 18th birthday she was given her own reality show on his networks, 'My Billion Dollar Life.'

Adrian Gilbert's private jet disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle when Delilah was 20, and she spent a year getting affairs in order. Her father left everything to her, and she had to learn the ropes of how to control what he'd built — which mostly meant sitting back while other, more qualified people did the work. Eventually she restarted her reality show, but also began to branch out, promoting her personal brand and using its dividends to establish charitable foundations.

Somewhere along the way, Delilah became obsessed with superheroes. After all, she has everything she could ever want — but they have more. Gods and goddesses, walking on earth…

Not long ago, a group of armed gunmen attempted to kidnap Delilah. This was foiled by a superhero, so quickly that she could barely process it. The gunmen went to jail. What the superhero didn't know: Delilah had set up a variety of shells and fronts through which she indirectly hired them in the first place, to kidnap her own self. She wants to get involved with superheroes — she wants to fund them, help them be the best heroes they can be. But she's not above funding villains, too, to get the heroes there.

Character Details

Delilah Gilbert is a spacy but well-meaning young woman. She's aware, in the broadest sense, of the great power she holds through her wealth and influence, and sometimes she takes it for granted but usually she at least wants to think she's not HURTING society as a whole. Sometimes, she's even helping!

Superheroes fascinate Delilah, in a semi-wholesome way. She loves the idea of someone who can transcend the whole system that she's a major part of… someone who can just kick up their heels and literally fly. She wants to help them help people. Unfortunately, her moral compass is a bit blown from growing up sheltered by wealth and learning lessons from corporate cutthroats. So sometimes when she thinks she's helping…



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