Portrayed by Anson Mount (Jake)
Full Name Jakob "jake" Kincaid / Diarmuid Ua Diubhne
Age 33 (1700+)
Height 6'1"/6'7"
Build Average/Muscular
Eyes Brown/Yellow
Hair Brunette
Factions Fianna (formerly)
Occupation the Hawk of Ess Ruadh
Alignment Civilian/Hero

Claim to Fame

Jake Kincaid is a lesser known homo-magi with very little ties to anyone or anything, a hedge druid, vagabond and hermit.

Diarmuid Ua Diubhne is the Hawk of Ess Ruadh, Fian Warrior, Dermot the Love Spot, one of the bravest warriors of Celtic mythology.


Jake is a relative unknown. He has no real reputation.

Diarmuid is new to this reality and doesn't yet have much of a reputation but has already decided this "superhero" gig makes sense to him and is a load of fun. Even if comes from a society that was quite okay with manslaughter and decapitation.


*Early 1980s | Jakob Kincaid is born of the Kincaid line of homo-magi and raised in Evergreen City, Washington. | As a youth begins to have vivid dreams of his ancestors. The dreams are a sign his family curse is awakening, his mother and grandmother begin to teach him. | Jake's mother dies.

*1990s | In highschool Jake learns his first spell, the Salmon Leap. He draws attention to his family by jumping over a school bus. The family is forced to move due to accusations of the young Kincaid being a mutant and a freak. | Jakob's father Malcom slowly descends in to alcoholism and the house begins to fall apart. | Jakob enlists in the US Army just out of high school. | Discovery of Jakob's talents awards the young man re-assignment in a special division stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

*2000s | Jakob gets engaged and learns his grandmother has been murdered. He inherits her belongings. Returning home for the funeral Jakob attempts to find the man who killed her. |While abroad his fiance and her family are attacked and almost killed. Jakob separates himself from them after discovery it's because of him they were assaulted. |Jakob takes up travel around the world hunting this unknown attacker and discovers in his grandmothers grimoire a family spell that will awaken more of his ancestral power.

*2010s | Jakob is attacked magically and physically and almost dies, in a last ditch effort he invokes the enchantment despite it's warning. Diarmuid Ua Diubhne manifests and slaughters Jake's attackers | Diarmuid refuses to give up Jake's body and begins to travel the world, learning about this new era eventually he is forced to return his hosts body. Over the next following years they travel the world until settling down in Metropolis, Jake feels suitably avenged and fearful of his magic being siphoned by his other half so 'retires' yet Diarmuid grows bored, restless and decides hes going to play superhero much to Jakob's displeasure.

Character Details

Jake is a serious man who smiles very little. His life has been a turbulent one and it shows in his attitude, he's bored seeming and has lost his sense of humor and wonder. He is part pragmatist part mystic and acts like a man who is ready to just lay down and sleep the rest of his life away.

Diarmuid is a proud, noble champion who he loves challenges, poetry, song, art and sport. The man knows how to party and enjoy all things in life. He has taken to the new world like a child would to a wonderland. He possesses all the fury, lust, raw passionate energy and vigor one would expect of a warrior who has been dead for over a thousand years.


Image Name Relation Information
Hazel.jpg Hazel Familiar Hazel is warbeast, hunting hound and friend to Diarmuid and Jake.


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