Doctor Nemesis
Doctor Nemesis
Portrayed by TBD
Full Name James Nicola Bradley
Age 33 (108)
Height 5'11"
Build Lean but athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions [Forthcoming]
Occupation Terrorist, Scientist, and Former Nazi/Nazi-hunter
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame



Odd, acerbic, and a little over the top, Doctor Nemesis can be hard to get along with at first, but at least one thing is always true. He will always stand on the side of Justice.


James Nicola Bradley was born to Nicola Bradley and Catherine Price in San Francisco on the morning of December 1st, 1906. His father, Nicola, had died months earlier in a robotics experiment gone horribly wrong, while his mother died giving birth. Since that day, he was raised by his maternal grandparents, John and Mary Price. It was discovered early on that he possessed an abnormally advanced intellect, but at the time, no one quite knew /how/ advanced. Unwilling to waste his self-described, 'enormous aptitude for greatness,' Bradley went on to study nearly every field of research from astrophysics to zoology. At some point after graduating from medical school, James was recruited by Phineas Horton to assist him in creating an advanced android that would go on to be the first Human Torch. Eventually, the two parted ways, but Bradley took a prototype they had been working on together when they seperated. In attempt to garner further fame, Bradley finished the android and dubbed it Volton before loosing it on the world to fight crime.

With his early life's work finished, James moved on to find work at Mercy Hospital in New York City where he would spend the daylight hours as Doctor Bradley. At night, however, he donned a surgical mask and became… Doctor Nemesis, fighting crime wherever he found it. It wasn't until he fought the Surgeon, a criminal who released plague-ridden rats into the streets that he once again grew disillusioned with his purpose. It was, at this low, vulnerable time in his life that he was recruited by Nazi Germany to keep the United States out of World War II. For a time, his efforts were successful as Doctor Death, but after one particularly brutal fight, he was betrayed by the same android he had created years earlier, Volton. Left for dead, Bradley struggled to safety and managed to nurse himself back to life.

Horrified at who he had become, James Bradley returned to his civilian life and took up the mantle of Doctor Nemesis once again. It was at this point he rebuilt his eyes with cybernetics and invented the serum for long-lasting life that would sustain him for the coming decades. For sixty years, Doctor Nemesis would become the nightmare that stalked many escaped Nazi commanders and scientists, killing them and destroying their work whenever he caught up to them. It was only recently that he finally managed to end the life of the final man on his list. Emerging from a lifetime of constant warfare and battle, Doctor Nemesis sets his sights to return home to America and see what the next portion of his immortal life has in store for him.

Character Details

If you can get past the acerbic wit, sarcastic comments, and nearly impenetrable ego, Doctor Nemesis is, surprisingly a good individual. He may not, necessarily, be considered /nice/ by any stretch of the imagination, at least not on the surface, but Doctor James Bradley has committed himself to the side of justice and equality with the same devotion he affords every one of his many pursuits.


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