Doctor Psycho
Doctor Psycho
Portrayed by Peter Dinklage
Full Name Edgar Cizko
Age 42
Height 3'11"
Build Little Person
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions Stormwatch
Occupation Psychotic Psychiatrist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Dr. Edgar Cizko is a famous psychiatrist and therapist, known especially for his expertise on dreams and on his insight into relationships. His books, "Orpheus Descending: Primal Desires in Modern Dreams" and "The First War: Men, Women and Conflict", both made the New York Times bestseller list. Professionally, he is considered brilliant, if occasionally controversial.


Publicly, Edgar Cizko has achieved some fame as a pop culture psychiatrist who's achieved the rare feat of also being highly respected by his peers. His brilliance, however, has not spared him controversy, especially in his regard to gender roles and male/female relationship, which some of his more feminist colleages have referred to as 'barbaric'. Very, very few people know of Cizko's superhuman capabilities, much less of the exploits of the supercriminal and serial sadist known as Doctor Psycho. Those who do tend not to speak up on the subject, for fear of reprisal.


Edgar Cizko was born in Chicago, poor, unloved and underestimated. The medical issues caused by his dwarfism, especially early in life, nearly bankrupted his already poor parents, and they took it out in a great deal of physical and mental abuse. Once school began, the suffering only grew worse, as he found himself mocked at every turn. At first, he began to see girls as a refuge, for often it was the female of the species who tried to comfort him and told the bullies to go away. When he got older, though, and began to want these girls to see him as more than friends, though, he quickly discovered that he was just as much a freak to them as to their male counterparts: they simply wanted to keep him as a pet, rather than kick him. His anger and resentment grew, stoked by his brilliant mind. When he discovered his metahuman abilities, to read and control minds, to cast illusions, to invade and manipulate dreams…then he truly found his calling. Eventually, he was elected Prom King, took the head cheerleader to every dance, addressed them as class President and Valedictorian. None of them truly understood what had happened to them, because his work was so subtle, terrorizing, enslaving, breaking the school to his will. More than a few of his classmates ended up in extensive therapy in the years to come, trying to make sense of the nightmares that still haunted them.%r%rCollege, med school, his psychiatric residency - all of these became child's play for Cizko. He had the intellect to get through such things without the help of his gifts, but where was the fun in that? He adored making his fellow doctors cover his extra shifts, or simply stealing notes from the cute girl next to him's mind, even if he already knew the answer. Especially if he could then wipe the answers from her mind. She would need a shoulder to cry on, after all, after she failed the test. He began to experiment especially in dream manipulation, altering the behavior of subjects through subliminal suggestion and subconscious imagery, so that his victims thought of their actions as entirely their own will. Even with direct control, he learned to become almost undetectable from the will of the subject themselves.%r%rBy his thirties, Cizko's dream research got him on the bestseller lists for the first time, and the talk show circuit. On the side, he began to manipulate vulnerable patients, their families and even random bystanders into performing criminal acts. Some of it was for profit, the ill gotten gains sliding into Cizko's Cayman Islands accounts. Some of it was merely for his own sadistic amusement, toying with the lives of ordinary people like a dark god. Among the criminal community, there came rumors of a new boss, known only as 'Doctor Psycho'. He always wore a strange mask…and usually only appeared in your dreams to give orders. Some people don't believe he exists, but he certainly has his minions and they are often of a vicious and broken nature. At current, Cizko resides in New York, but communtes often to Metropolis and Gotham for both professional and personal business. He's always seeking new ways to amuse himself, almost always at the expense of others. He has recently, through its Weatherman, Amanda Waller, been recruited into the morally suspect Stormwatch intelligence agency.

Character Details

Edgar's personality is domineering, manipulative and controlling. He likes having his way in all things, maneuvers every situation to his benefit, and is constantly calculating and measuring the world and especially the people around him. He possesses supreme self-confidence and a more than healthy ego. The scars born of his youth of abuse and mockery have grown sharp edges, making him sadistic and cruel, especially towards women. A misogynist by philosophy, he sees women as objects to be used, little more. That doesn't mean he always underestimates them (although he does, on occasion), but it means he finds being outdone or insulted by a woman to be particularly triggering. He has deep-seated hatred and rage kept in the iron grip of his will but, when he unleashes, he can be prone to violent and unpredictable behavior, bordering on the psychotic. On the surface, however, he maintains a veneer of sophistication, of wit, of charm. As a good psychiatrist, he understands all too well the many masks men must wear to make their way in the world.


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