Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Portrayed by
Full Name Stephen Strange
Age <55>
Height <6'2">
Build <Athletic>
Eyes <Grey>
Hair < Salt and Pepper>
Factions <None>
Occupation <Sorcerer Supreme>
Alignment <Hero>

Claim to Fame

Doctor Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. The Earth's Master of the Mystic Arts and Occult. The Keeper of the Eye of Agamotto. The Defender of the Sanctum Sanctorum is well known in the mystic circles. He is loved by some, and hated by others for who he is and the powers he can wield.


A world renowned surgeon whose hands suffered nerve damage as a result of an automobile accident. Stephen Strange was known as a drunk and a wastrel, who traveled the globe searching for a way to repair the damage but what he found was the Ancient One. He has since returned, claiming to be a surgeon no longer, but instead the sorcerer supreme and mystical protector of this dimension.


Stephen Strange was born sometime in 1930 and raised on his family's Nebraska farm along with his two younger siblings Donna and Victor. When he was eleven years old Donna was injured and he helped care for her. He marveled at the power her doctor had for tending her wounds and ablating her suffering. This event fostered his interest in medicine.

At eighteen years old he entered New York University's Pre-Med program. During the next summer he was swimming with Donna when she suffered a cramp and went beneath the water. After a frantic search he found her, drowned beneath the waves, and swam her body to shore. The experience traumatized him with a profound sense of personal failure which eroded his youthful idealism.

Strange earned his medical degree and entered a five year residency with New York Hospital where he trained as a neurosurgeon. His medical genius and rapid success in school had made him arrogant and intolerant of the hardships of others. His mother died during his fifth year in residency and his father not long after.

Stephen Strange became embittered and though he lost his empathy his skill remained. In 1960 Stephen got in an argument with his brother, Victor, whom left the scene in a rage and was killed in a head-on collision only miles from where the brothers had fought. With no immediate family remaining Stephen Strange became reckless..

In 1963 he was involved in an automobile accident while intoxicated. Although the surgeons were able to save Strange's life his hands had become mangled. He underwent dozens of surgeries to repair the damage and while his hands were eventually restructured the nerve damage was permanent. Stephen Strange, famed neurosurgeon, could perform delicate operations no more.

Addicted to medicine and alcohol Stephen Strange wasted not only his fortune but the fortune of his family as he traveled the world seeking a cure — however unlikely. It was when he hit rock bottom that he learned of a mystic healer in Tibet.

After making the arduous journey to the forbidden monetary Stephen Strange was invited in by Yan, the Ancient One. Hearing Stephen's story the Ancient One refused to mend his hands for he believed that such an act would not mend his broken psyche. Instead he offered to tutor Strange in the mystic arts so that he might find a higher calling.

Initially Strange refused but was unable to leave the monastery due to a blizzard. Over the next few hours he witnessed Mordo, a student of the ancient one, attempt to kill his master. Strange attempted to intercede but was held by tremendous power.

Now believing in the power of mysticism Strange agreed to stay while Mordo was forced to leave. In the decade that followed Strange proved that he was an even faster study with the mystic arts than he had been with medicine.

After a decade Strange challenged Death herself and won his immortality just as the Ancient One had done centuries before. He then returned to America where he purchased a brownstone in Greenwich village. At the direction of the Ancient One he was joined by Wong the youngest monk of the Kamar-Taj who had sworn himself to the service of the Ancient One.

For the next ten years Strange continued to refine his skills becoming a supernatural consultant in the Western Hemisphere. The Ancient One often assisted him during these times until the dread Chaos Lord, Shuma-Gorath, attempt to utilize Yan as a vessel to enter this dimension. In order to save this dimension Strange is forced to eradicate the body of the Ancient One — freeing the mentor's mind to an astral state.

It is then that the Ancient One admits that - in but a few decades - Strange has proven more powerful than his six centuries of training. The mystical pantheon that watches the multiverse then declares Stephen Strange as the sorcerer supreme and the artifacts which the Ancient One had guarded are relocated to his home in Greenwich village.

Strange has continued to act as the sorcerer supreme in that time his actions often disguised to the mundane world as he travels across time, space, and dimension to assure that this reality is safe from the things that lurk beyond…

Character Details

Stephen Strange is an aloof and eccentric individual. Much of his personality can be explained by his role in this dimension. As the sorcerer supreme he is tasked with maintaining the mystical integrity of this reality and so he often times seems distanced from immediate or pressing crisis which may threaten the lives of millions of people. This is merely because he is distracted — unless alerted to these things he is often unaware of what natural disaster or which terrorist group is currently threatening the globe.

He maintains the professional decorum one might expect of renown surgeon. He is ever willing to consult with those who need his aid or to act if someone explains their need. He understands that every person has different needs and it his duty to treat their concerns as important and to do what he can do to assist them for pride and a disregard for others is what very nearly drove him to ruin.

Stephen Strange is a moral man and unafraid to take risks to achieve his goals. He will travel to a dimension of sheer terror to free a single soul from his own dimension for the protection of those in his realm from those beyond is the essence of the sorcerer supreme. This is Doctor Strange.


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