Portrayed by Karen Gillam
Full Name Lynette Shackleford
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Build Tall and curvy
Eyes Hazel-green
Hair Ginger
Factions None
Occupation <E.g. Ambassador from Themyscira>
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

The weaver of dreams and master of nightmares.


Lynnette Shackleford is known as a wealthy party animal, a true Glasgwegian hellcat. Her alter ego, Dreamraker, is a mysterious entity who invades and controls the nightmares of her victims.


Lynette Shackleford was born in Garelochhead, a small village in Scotland. This port town was of little significance until the War, when it became home to an Allied Naval base. There were whisperings amongst the sailors, whisperings of a strange beast that haunted the port town after every rainfall. An age old fable the townspeople worked very hard not to speak about; the fable of the Seonaidh.

A Celtic water spirit from the Isle of Lewis, the Seonaidh was considered a myth until one fateful day in 1993. It was early morning, upon the tail of an overnight rain, when young Lynette Shackleford awoke from a terrible nightmare. Lynette, only six years old at the time, was so haunted by the experience that she did exactly what the strange woman in her dreams instructed her to do. She was to throw ale into the sea, to propitiate the Seonaidh and enable her great spirit to endure.

What young Lynette couldn't possibly have known was that the Seonaidh was no myth, but in fact, an ancient demon of the Seonaidh Plane, a realm where dreams are more reality than reality itself. This spirit, having been trapped in our dimension of reality for hundreds of years, had finally awoken from her slumber and she wanted to find a way home. Realizing that she couldn't, she saw a window of opportunity in young Lynette Shackleford; a girl with telepathic prowess who believed in fantastic things. Lynette became host to the Seonaidh that fateful morning, and she would never be the same again.

Lynette began to terrorize the dreams of those in her home village of Garelochhead, not yet realizing that the play land of her imagination was tearing the town apart. She was driven out and made her way to Glasgow, where she spent her teens and twenties learning to drink, fight, and make all of the mistakes Glasgwegian neds make. It was there where she began to realize the full potential of her power, the ability to control and manipulate dreams. The experiences gradually drove her to sociopathy, and as she discovered more of the Seonaidh's power, she grew addicted to it.

She adopted the moniker 'Dreamraker', a Queen-like avatar projected into her nightmares, but Glasgow wasn't enough. She wanted to test herself, to surround herself with victims, to find out just how far she could push herself. She needed to go to the United States.

Character Details

She parties hard, and she's got one hell of a mouth on her. She's a full blown sociopath as well, and usually toys with her victims like a cat with it's prey. Get on her truly bad side, however, and she has a tendency to leave scars. Lasting mental scars.


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Theme Music

"I Love It" by Iconopop

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