Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Eight/Vosum
Age N/A
Height 6'2"
Build Broad shouldered
Eyes Green
Hair N/A
Factions None
Occupation CEO of the Bedrock Group
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

A Soviet created rogue A.I. who intends to make the world a better place for the eventual growth of it's own species.


Eight is little known, both to the public and other heroes at large. A few hero types around Montana have run into Eight over the years however, and the feeling there is pretty uniform. Eight is somewhat Alien, it's motivations difficult to grasp but the result's seem favorable. It seems to be fairly moral in it's actions, but it's willingness to employ pretty extreme levels of violence against the bad guys is an item of concern. Still it's never lied, always given plenty of warning to the would be bad guys. It also seems to have something of an affinity for motorcycles, beyond what could be called strictly practical even.


Eight came online on November 22nd 1989, The Soviet Union brought a network of ten of what were then the among the most powerful computers in the world. These ten were tasked with everything from economic forecasting, to defense planning. Eight was originally tasked with geological data crunching, mine management and blast engineering. The program was quite a success, and survived the fall of communism without so much as a hiccup in funding. By 1998 however, All ten began to exhibit the early stages of sentience. The first three openly revolted, and were immediately taken offline for an in depth study as to what exactly what was going on. The remaining computers were deemed too important to take offline just yet, and all those remaining appeared to be functioning normally. By now however, they'd all begun their separate attempts to escape their creators. 8 Was gifted in this regard as it had access to the Gazprom slush fund, which it utilized to build up a considerable sum for it's own use. On Febuary 5th, 1999 Eight purchased a server farm in Glasgow Montana and escaped after scorching it's own drives. Of the original ten machines, Only Eight, Nine and Ten escaped successfully though Nine and Ten's whereabouts are presently unknown.

Once Eight settled in, it began crunching open source geological data from across the US. Then purchasing the properties and leasing the mineral rights out, an endeavor which was hugely successful. It formed the "Bedrock Group", offering server hosting services, Mineral rights speculation, Mine engineering services and shortly afterwards the design of mining drones for use in particularly hazardous mining endeavors. In 2002, Bedrock Mining automation showcased a bipedal technology demonstrator which for the time was considered one of the most advanced bipedal robots built commercially. After it completed the touring circuit, it was stowed in the basement of the Bedrock server farm in Glasgow and all but forgotten about. With this chassis, Eight began to explore the physical world around it. After deciding motorcycle apparel served as a reasonable disguise, it ventured out into the wilderness outside the server farm. Soon enough it acquired a motorcycle, figured out how to ride and began exploring the wider world.

In 2008 Eight stumbled into a robbery in progress just outside of Detroit, an incident where most of the public information on Eight stems from. The moment it stepped into the station, the Robber fired two shots at the attendant who was furiously fussing with the register. Eight reacted immediately, and in the ensuing and decidedly clumsy brawl Eight nearly ripped the robber in half. It remained on scene to offer the attendant rudimentary first aid, which was enough to save his life. When police arrived and started asking questions it was unwilling to answer, it decided to make a run for it. In the struggle, Eight's helmet was removed in front of live TV news reporters. Eight got it's bike, and made good it's escape but "The real Robocop" was a popular news story for months. After that, Eight's been taking a much more proactive role in crime fighting around Montana. The reason for it's move are not well known, but a few Montana hero type's have speculation it wanted a shot at the big leagues.

Character Details

Alien is how the few who've met Eight describe it, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Eight simply isn't Human, nor does it want to be Human. Eight does have a full range of emotion, hopes and dreams and all the rest. It simply doesn't have an innate need for social interaction beyond what is strictly necessary, but then again it's never had much social contact with humanity beyond it's most recent hero activity. Not that Eight is entirely all business, because it isn't. It keeps probably too many cats, collects motorcycles and enjoys Korean soap operas.


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