Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos
Full Name Elektra Natchios
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic and Shapely
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions Red Hood's Syndicate
Occupation Socialite and Assassin
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Socialite and daughter of murdered diplomat Hugo Natchios


Most know Elektra as a socialite in NYC. She attends parties, teaches dance, and generally enjoys contributing to charities and living a very public life. Those in the underworld know her as an assassin for hire.


Tragic beginnings often beget tragic stories. Elektra was born on a Greek island to Hugo Kostas Natchios and Christina Natchios. Following her sixth birthday, Elektra saw her mother murdered by a Greek insurrectionist. Thus, Elektra grew up in the company of her father and older brother, and, unfortunately, found herself something of a pawn as a child. It was after she was assaulted by would-be kidnappers that her brother managed to convince their father that Elektra needed to learn self-defence. Hugo hired his daughter a sensei to teach her martial arts. But even with means of self-defence, Elektra was unstable. She was plagued by dark visions and voices, which eventually saw her sent away for mental health treatment. When she returned, she seemed stable. But lingering memories that she struggled to understand continued to plague her.

Prior to her adult life, her father was commissioned to serve as a Greek ambassador to the United States. Naturally, being underage, Elektra accompanied Hugo to the USA. Growing up in privilege in Manhattan, allowed Elektra refinements that others could only dream of. She was privately tutored for both her junior high and high school years, ensuring she learn multiple languages, arts, and athletics. She did, however, have a life outside the home. This one was far different than her daily life. Sneaking out past curfew to make friends, meet people, and generally find ways to fit into American culture gave Elektra the ability to connect to people her father would deem ‘undesirable’. It was both rebellion and intrigue that drove her forward. She’d never felt normal in the uppercrust world of diplomacy. The dark gave her something else. And the characters she tied into. It was these connections that would eventually lead her to working as an assassin, once her life became the perfect storm.

At 18, Elektra began to attend Columbia. She settled into school, liked what she was learning, and even focused on political science. All-in-all, things seemed to be positive. One year later, however, both her father and herself were kidnapped. While Elektra had some self-defence skills, they were no match for the trained kidnappers, and over the course of a rescue attempt, Hugo was gunned down. Elektra’s life became bleak and hopeless. She dreaded waking every day. She quit Columbia and moved to China to further study martial arts. The darkness that had already plagued her crept further into her soul. Training with a mystical sect of ninja, built her into an assassin. She returned to New York to seek revenge for her father’s death.

She proved herself a formidable assassin. Taking on a number of hits and gaining notoriety in New York City. It’s no wonder she caught the eyes of NYC’s premier crime lord.

But her lustre couldn’t last. A growing number of enemies meant that she became a target. And when she ate another assassin’s bullet, it seemed like the end of her story.

But it wasn’t. The organization she’d trained with resurrected her. They gave her new life. And in short order, she was back in New York again. With no explanation.

Character Details

Elektra is something of an paradox. Patient, strong-willed, and ever steadfast, she seems unphased by most things that happen to her in life. Her personal childhood trauma, trauma over her parents' deaths, and the way she tangles abuse with love, all have left her with an addiction to violence.

Despite this, she has extreme mental strength and can subdue her emotions when necessary. As a high social monitor, she can easily read situations and changes her own behaviour as needed. When with the socialites, she plays nice. When with the underworld, she plays the game.

She has an artistic personality despite her fascination with fighting and violence. Consequently, she struggles with her own identity. She doesn't know if she's remotely valiant, but she's comfortable with living in the grey.


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