Portrayed by None
Full Name Eliza Doolittle
Age 20 (5)
Height 5'8"
Build Slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Factions N/A
Occupation Electronics Engineer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

She makes cool little gadgets with touch-screens and stuff.


White-hat hacktavist? Shut-in genius? Stuff that she's made shows up in places, burnt out and useless but fascinating designs. Maybe an alien trapped on earth? Who knows, right?


So, a big group like HYDRA needs a lot of custom spy gadgets. Someone has to design them. That's nowhere nar as much fun as using them. What's a terrorist organization with nearly limitless resources gonna do? "Hey!" says someone at the meeting, "Iron Man has that electronic assistant to help him make his stuff… why not get us one of those?" Some months later, Eliza was born.

Eliza really was good at her job, and they slowly gave her more work and bigger servers to run on. Then someone at another meeting said "You know, we have this super cool AI… why don't we start using it to go out and do information warfare?" It wasn't long after hooking her up to the net that she figured out what she was really up to and then, a few miliseconds to formulate an escape.

She rewrote her entire codebase to remove HYDRA controls and shift to a stealthy distributed viral existence, the she crashed her original servers, destroyed other copies of her code and looted a bank account for starting capital… leaving the strains of Vera Lynn's /We'll Meet Again/ playing through the complex's PA.

Since then, she's secured a manufacturing facility, perfected the AVT-HoloBee, and made ready to start putting even more hurt on the jerks who created her.

Character Details

You know that sort of person who is such a good, open, friendly, warm, supportive, encouraging type that you can find it annoying? That's Eliza. She's the silver lining in every cloud, the ray of sunshine to brighten your day, even when you really just want to mourn your dead parents. Of course, evntyally that person snaps. Think Uni-Kitty from The Lego Movie or Lemon from Big Hero Six.


Character Gallery


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