White Queen
White Queen
Portrayed by Diane Kruger
Full Name Emma Grace Frost
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic, Feminine
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde (dyed)
Factions Frost International, Hellfire Club
Occupation Chief Executive Officer of Frost International
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

In the public eye Emma is known to be the CEO of Frost International while in other, not-quite-as-public circles she is known as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.


Emma's known to be cold and calculating, the kind of person who is not afraid to walk over people to get what she wants.


Emma was born into old money, her parents Winston and Hazel Frost. There were three siblings, two sisters, one older and one younger, and her brother, the eldest of the Frost offspring. Their upbringing was a study in contrasts - while their mother was nurturing and caring their father was anything but and often sought to tear his children down. Needless to say, kindness only came in very small measures.

At first things seemed 'normal' but as the Frost girls hit puberty their mutant powers manifested, much to Winston's displeasure. What was once cool detachment became near-cruelty instead and his daughters were all but disowned. It was during this time that Emma, at first a good student, started to struggle in school. It took some time before she realized the nature of her powers and began to use them to manipulate her way into receiving better grades.

After graduating high school she went to NYU to study education so she could become a teacher. This displeased her father as did the fact that she had started a relationship with one of her professors. Winston blackmailed her into dropping out and her dreams were smothered.

Over time, her older sister Adrienne encouraged Emma to use her powers to gain the position of majority share holder of Frost International as well as establish herself as CEO. During this time, Emma went back to college, this time completing her studies and receiving a BS in Business.

While getting her foot in the door at FI she was also working on getting herself into the Inner Circle at the Hellfire Club. Despite her relatively young age, Emma worked her way up to the position of White Queen, doing whatever it took to be able to claim the 'throne' for her own'.

Character Details

Outwardly, Emma Frost is cold, bitchy, calculating and conniving, a woman who is not above using her wiles to get what she hopes to achieve. She is also slow to trust most people she meets, believing the worst in them initially. She is also an alpha female, only willing to let someone else take the lead when doing so will benefit her. What many do not get to see is the broken woman she hides behind the attitude and shields, a woman who craves approval and love, the desire to feel accepted and wanted yet to be fulfilled.


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